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Topic: Best Times And Places To Spot At YVR?
Username: Dimsum
Posted 2005-04-02 00:30:07 and read 3885 times.

I did a search but there weren't any results.

Does anyone know the best times (most frequent t/o's and landings) and spots to spot at YVR (particularly on SUNDAYS)?


Topic: RE: Best Times And Places To Spot At YVR?
Username: Wedgetail737
Posted 2005-04-02 05:09:45 and read 3850 times.

In my opinion, the best time to be at YVR is around mid to late morning when all the Asian stuff comes into YVR. There is a road that wraps around the north side of airport, just west of the Air Canada maintenance hangar. The road is off of the main street that leads into the terminal. At the end of the runway, there is a gravel/dirt area that you may see a lot of people spotting. You can take some awesome pictures there.

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