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Topic: MLB Umpire Assaults AA Flight Attendant
Username: Tom in NO
Posted 2005-04-20 23:36:42 and read 3156 times.

I could post this in either civ-av or non-av:

I always thought umpires were supposed to be seen and not heard. What a loser!!!:
Basically, the idiot is under investigation for abusing and assaulting an AA flight attendant on a DFW-DEN flight last Sunday.

Another website says alcohol may have been involved.

Tom at MSY

Topic: RE: MLB Umpire Assaults AA Flight Attendant
Username: LTBEWR
Posted 2005-04-20 23:47:23 and read 3115 times.

Apparently another A-hole full of alcohol. I am glad they don't allow baseball bats on aircraft anymore! I would suspect that MLB will suspend him until further notice (or they Should!). I hope the f/a was not injured.

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