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Topic: North American Airlines At ABZ?
Posted 2005-04-21 18:04:47 and read 3695 times.

Just saw a NorthAmerican Airlines (I Think) 757 arrive at ABZ, is this plane full of WWE wrestlers for tonights show at the AECC ??

Topic: RE: North American Airlines At ABZ?
Username: LN-MOW
Posted 2005-04-21 18:47:15 and read 3676 times.

If Berlin was the last stop of the tour .... most likely!

Airline North American Airlines
Flight Number 114
Departure City (Airport) Berlin, Germany (EDDB)
Departure Time 04/21/2005 12:10 PM
Arrival City (Airport) Aberdeen, Scotland, Great Britain (EGPD)
Arrival Time 04/21/2005 01:47 PM
Remaining Flight Time 00:00
Aircraft Type
Current Altitude 0 feet
Current Groundspeed 0 mph
Flight Status Landed

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