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Topic: Who Should Buy Into Air NZ?
Username: Laserjet
Posted 2000-04-09 10:14:13 and read 1971 times.

There are 2 airlines in hot pursuit of shares in Air New Zealand - they are Qantas and Singapore Airlines. I am very proud of our national carrier and I think if anybody, it should be Singapore Airlines. Also Air NZ, has just secured 100% ownership of Ansett Australia.

Topic: RE: Who Should Buy Into Air NZ?
Username: Brissie_lions
Posted 2000-04-09 10:38:19 and read 1911 times.

Here is who I think and why. I think (and am quite certain) that SQ will buy into NZ. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, as I have said previously, SQ does not really want access to is access to the Aussie domestic market they are after, and if buying into NZ is the only way this is possible, so be it.

Secondly, it would be a nightmare if QF was to buy into NZ, as NZ would then have to sell off AN (to SQ), and both QF and NZ would have to give up 50% of their trans-Tasman route.

Thirdly, with NZ and AN already being Star members tips the scales towards SQ.

Fourthly, AN needs fleet replacement not too far in the distant future, and SQ is the only airline with enough capital to be able inject the type of money that is necessary. NZ had to borrow heavily just to buy the remaining 50% of AN, so they would be in no position to replace AN's fleet. The only thing with this, is how is one to know that any money which SQ provides for AN, actually will go to AN and not NZ.

Although I think that SQ will get NZ, I personally hope that QF gets it's shareholding. It must be noted that neither QF or SQ want a shareholding in NZ because they are a great airline with great performance. SQ wants AN and QF wants to stop NZ/AN teaming up with SQ. AN would be so very much better off with having SQ as a *direct* owner. SO CMON QANTAS!!!

Topic: RE: Who Should Buy Into Air NZ?
Username: B744
Posted 2000-04-10 03:03:30 and read 1900 times.

I also agree that SQ will be the likely buyer, just so long as Selwyn Cushing doesn't stuff them around anymore. I think SQ have been very patient to date.

In addition to the reasons listed already, bear in mind that BIL are now a Singapore based company and have high powered Singaporean directors, which further tips the scales in SQ's direction.

Like many other NZ'ers, I would not be impressed if QF (again) bought a stake in NZ. A matter of national pride perhaps...

It is interesting that QF have now changed their tune toward acquiring NZ. I was at a QF conference a few years back (hosted by James Strong) during the time when they were code-sharing services across the Tasman. We asked if they would be interested in forming a closer alliance with NZ, but he said that the culture was just too different. How times change...

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