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Topic: Speed
Username: MD11
Posted 1999-04-29 17:42:32 and read 1106 times.

Hi all :

Do you know the minimum speed that an aircraft should achieve in order to power itself for taking off ?

Thanks ...


Topic: RE: Speed
Username: Montecristo
Posted 1999-04-29 19:22:43 and read 1106 times.

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Topic: RE: Speed
Username: Peter
Posted 1999-04-29 19:35:48 and read 1106 times.

If you are asking "what is the necessary speed for an aircraft to take off?" the answer is it depends.

1.What aircraft is it?
2.What is the head wind?
3.Do you mean ground speed or air speed?


Topic: RE: Speed
Username: AA777
Posted 1999-04-29 21:06:19 and read 1106 times.

Well, I DO know this :

A medium/large sized jet , ie. 757/767 would start the rotation at about 160 knots. ( airspeed)

Topic: RE: Speed
Username: MD-11
Posted 1999-04-30 14:17:55 and read 1106 times.

If you mean what I think you mean, I can tell you that with flaps at 10 degrees, the MD-11's rotation speed at a very light take off weight is 145 knots indicated airspeed, and at a very high weight, 180 knots indicated airspeed.

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