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Topic: LanChile
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-04-18 21:53:52 and read 1457 times.

I was at the Airbus website and i saw a picture of and A340-300 in LANCHILE colors. I then went to LANCHILE's website and they said nothing about getting any airbus aircraft. Why have they decided to make the switch from boeing to airbus? when will they get these new airplanes? What routes will they be used on?

to see a picture go to
search for A330/A340 aircraft and scroll down to see one in Lan Chile colors.

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Photo © Justin Cederholm

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: B737-700
Posted 2000-04-19 08:37:47 and read 1294 times.

They are gonna get the first one at the end of 2000.



Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: A300 American
Posted 2000-04-19 21:36:37 and read 1284 times.


If memory serves right, LanChile believes they can be better served with the A340s than the proposed B777. apparently, they want direct flights to Europe from their Santiage hub in Chile. Now, I can´t see why a B777-200ER wouldn´t be able to take that task on. Probably just economics, Airbus probably sold them at a great price. I visit Lima, Peru quite often (about 4x a year) and sometimes take LanChile 530 JFK-LIM on their B767-300ERs. I wonder if they plan to utilized the A340 on this route?

Hope this helps!
A300 American

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-04-20 00:56:15 and read 1276 times.

its just that an A340 seems out of place in their fleet of mainly 767s and 737s. why no 767-400? or even 747-400? i think they have a 747-200 frieghter.

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Tullamarine
Posted 2000-04-20 09:28:51 and read 1276 times.

This is not an Airbus v Boeing comment but I believe Lan Chile was attracted to A340s because of teir ability to fly over the South Pole. Even with the new ETOPS a 777 would be unable to use this route from Chile to places such as NZ or Australia. I do not know when they plan to expand into these routes however.

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Tailscraper
Posted 2000-04-20 09:38:20 and read 1268 times.

This is a "by the way" comment, but Iberia are using A340's SCL-MAD. You probably already knew that, but hey, I've got nothing else to do.

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: 737-990
Posted 2000-04-20 09:51:38 and read 1267 times.

I remember reading last year in Flight International Magazine that the 777 beat the A240 in LanChile's technical analyis, but that the A340 won out on pricing and financing from Airbus. Remember that this came just after Boeing's coup with Singapore Airlines when it agreed to take thier A340s as trade-ins for more 777s. Airbus did not want to lose another order and probably gave Lan a great deal.

Not that I believe everything I read but I read in either Flight Int. or Airliner World that LanChile had converted all of its 11 A319s that it had on order into A320s. Can some one confirm this?

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-04-20 21:44:56 and read 1257 times.

LANCHILE is getting A319s?!! whats next, A330 to replace their 767s? they better not get rid of their 767s!!!! do they plan on becoming an all airbus airline?

Topic: RE:A320 On May 5th?
Username: Lima
Posted 2000-04-21 04:38:35 and read 1250 times.

A friend from Sao Paulo told me that the first A320 for Lan Chile will land in Rio de Janeiro on May 5th as a stop on its delivery flight to Chile.

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Flying-tiger
Posted 2000-04-21 09:45:33 and read 1250 times.

I´ve also heard that they have converted their 11 A319s into A320s. It seems as if the passenger airline LanChile will become more or less an Airbus airline, their two 763F are still very young and Airbus has no freighter with this perfomance. In addition to their A320 order they have 20 option left, the A340-300 order consists of 7 firm orders and 7 options, convertible into A340-600 orders, too.

Flying-Tiger The regional plane orders page

Topic: RE: LanChile
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-04-22 20:54:56 and read 1236 times.

the buenos aires herald on friday said the LanChile has orders for the A320 not the A319. These orders make me sad. I love Airbus and i love LanChile but LanChile and airbus just dont go together. I am already missing their 767s!

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