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Topic: What Is/was Maersk/BA Relationship?
Username: 747-600X
Posted 2000-04-24 20:15:11 and read 1725 times.

Well, that's about it... I noticed a picture in the archives that said something about the two being invovled. What was that?

Topic: RE: What Is/was Maersk/BA Relationship?
Username: Tailscraper
Posted 2000-04-24 21:18:08 and read 1668 times.

I think it's a BA franchise operator. (Meaning BA livery/cabin crew, but Maersk flight crew). Think they operate out of CPH (they're a Danish conglomerate-into shipping as well).

Anyone out there explain to me what the benefit (to Airlines) is of franchising/code-sharing-profit sharing?


Topic: RE: Here's The URL:
Username: Tailscraper
Posted 2000-04-24 23:02:24 and read 1662 times.

Topic: Uh... Thanks
Username: 747-600X
Posted 2000-04-25 05:16:25 and read 1651 times.

Well, thanks for the link, I'm still not sure I understand just what the connection is, I'll check out their site more thoroughly. However, that site hasn't been kept up to date, it doesn't mention the 737-700 in their fleet - and they were the first to receive them!!!

Topic: RE: What Is/was Maersk/BA Relationship?
Username: LJ
Posted 2000-04-25 20:03:57 and read 1648 times.

Maersk Air Limited is a BA franchise partner. Note that it's Maersk Air Limited. Maersk Air Limited is part of the Maersk AIr Group (just as Maersk Air of Denmark), which is a shipping and transportation Group. Maersk Air Limited is formerly known as Birmingham European Airlines (hence the IATA code VB). Their base is Birmingham United Kingdom.

Laurens Janssen

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