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Topic: Why Is It Delayed Daily?
Username: Flypdx
Posted 2005-07-12 23:01:23 and read 2666 times.

WHy is United 5695 (Air Wisconsin 695) delayed about 20 minutes every day? UA says it departs at 4, but basically every day it has been 4:20 or later by the time it departs..Any ideas why? I am flying later this month, and I'm just curious.

Topic: RE: Why Is It Delayed Daily?
Username: GroundStop
Posted 2005-07-12 23:13:43 and read 2615 times.

It very likely does depart on time. UAL's FLIFO system appears to automatically import the 'OFF' time from ACARS as the actual time of departure for its flights (at least it does this for Express I've noticed). You'll notice at times that it will initally show an on time departure but after the aircraft gets airborne, that time will change to reflect the actual time of lift off, which usually is after the scheduled departure time. If no reason for the delay is listed, then it was an on time departure.


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