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Topic: Indonesia Domestic Fares
Username: Lufthansa747
Posted 2005-07-12 22:39:01 and read 2221 times.

I'm looking at a possible cheap LH trip from BKK to CGK next month.

However, I would likely also add a sidetrip to Surabaya (SUB). Fares are outrageous when purchased outside Indonesia. JT has a V fare listed at roughly 200K IDR on their website, but I couldn't find a booking engine there. What do GA and Adam Air charge for "local" tickets? Any way to book these outside Indonesia? Also, what are the chances I can grab a cheap ticket upon arrival at CGK - most likely would be arriving Friday and going to SUB Sat afternoon, back Sun afternoon.

Thanks for your help.

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Topic: RE: Indonesia Domestic Fares
Username: Seamefly
Posted 2005-07-13 01:54:11 and read 2168 times.

Jakarta's airport has the ticketing counters (in public areas before security checks) outside the check-in counter areas where you can purchase GA's domestic tickets. Also GA has their 24 hrs call center that you can book prior to arrival in Jakarta (call them directly) and pick up your tickets in Indonesia at any GA ticket offices or at the airport. I think they allow 72 hours for the tickets to be purchased after booking is made. So you can call them in BKK before arrival in Jakarta, or better yet, call them from FRA.

If leisure fares are still avail, they will give it to you.

I bought my DPS-JOG-CGK tickets in Jakarta for August trip. However, my family lives in CGK and I just asked them to go to any GA offices and purchsed these tickets for me.

I only know about GA as I don't intend to travel on any other Indonesian carriers (no pun intended but I don't trust their safety records). At least with GA it is Government owned and they have been around for quite sometimes.

Topic: RE: Indonesia Domestic Fares
Username: HB-IWC
Posted 2005-07-13 05:33:00 and read 2153 times.

It is very difficult to book domestic tickets for Indonesia outside of the country. You will only be able to do this for Garuda flights, and you will be charged ridiculous USD fares. It is better to buy your tickets inside the country.

As far as buying your tickets once you get here goes, that is always a gamble, for sure since you're looking at a weekend trip, and flights on the SUB-CGK route tend to be packed on Sunday afternoons, so you might be left with expensive fares only. Also, booking through GA call center is not an option, as they will give you a time limit of 11 am the next day to have your tickets issued.

So, if you want to be sure, you better have someone do it for you in advance. If you don't have a local contact here in CGK, just contact me and I'll let you know what is available for the dates you are looking at, arrange the tickets and get them to you once you get here. If you decide to travel on Garuda, I can probably do a little extra...

The Jakarta-Surabaya route is currently plied by Garuda Indonesia, Garuda Citilink, Merpati, Lion Air, Wings Air, Mandala Airlines, Adam Air, Sriwijaya Air, Kartika Airlines, Star Air (eff. July 15), Batavia Airlines and Bouraq, if they're still around. Onew way fares should start at around Rp.150,000 (less than USD 20) and range up to about Rp.2,000,000 for a full fare C-class ticket on GA.

Topic: RE: Indonesia Domestic Fares
Username: Mandala499
Posted 2005-07-15 08:20:25 and read 2054 times.

Well, you can grab the cheapest available to SUB when you arrive... and then for the Sunday afternoon return.

However, the chances of getting them is less on those days of the week.

You're better off going to GA-Citilink counter after you arrive and go to book SUB for IDR320,000 (they seem to have empty seats all the time)... Or go and queue for Garuda for IDR 575,000... (prices one way).

If I were you I'd take up on HB-IWC's offer... or me... But HB-IWC can pull up the extras if it's available  Smile


Topic: RE: Indonesia Domestic Fares
Username: Lufthansa747
Posted 2005-07-15 11:56:09 and read 2037 times.

Hi Mandala499,

Thanks for your reply. I contacted HB-IWC and looks like I'll try to do one of the 737-200s on Saturday and then GA back on Sunday. WIll have to wait till 1 AUG to book my trip though as I won't know my schedule before that...



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