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Topic: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: Squirrel83
Posted 2005-07-31 14:50:51 and read 3517 times.

Found this Article today

Kayak, one of the most aggressive travel search engines, is frustrated by its inability to incorporate Southwest into its searches.

Southwest officials say their reluctance to participate with the travel search engines is not because they fear competition.

Out of all airlines why does Southwest Airlines, which is the top low-cost carrier in the nation, continues to refuse to allow its fares to be compared with those of its competitors on any third-party consumer Web site. (Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, IATA, ect. ect.)

My two Cents/Euro/Pound/Yen. . . . In my opinion wouldn't WN make more money or increase their market? Internationally for that matter? If they were to post their fares/routes on third party sites? Below are my ideas of good and bad things if WN ever did post on third party sites . . .

Here are the good things WN could get out of it - -
More market, easier booking, vacation packages would be more available, advertisement of a paticular route(If the flight I purchased was overbooked or something late canceled, I can remember that WN had/or serves that city as well.), advertisement, advertisement, advertisement, mileage program would grow, WN would grow if they put their logo on ATA flights (CODE SHARING, MAINLY RIGHT NOW FOR THE HAWAII ROUTES!), INTL market growth (LOoking mainly at Mexico right here, and maybe Canada in like 10 years!), Does anyone know what type of market MEXICO carries for WN RIGHT NOW its Amazing!! Even though they don't fly to Mexico.).

IMAGINE Easy Jet and WN becoming an alliance - - the first LLC alliance???

Here are the negative POints - - -
Southwest's Fares are not really the cheapest in the long run, People would actually see how many connections/plane changes they have to run into VS the other airlines which most of the time are with in 40.00 price difference, the roughly .70 cents booking fee that third party sites charge drive WN to raise their fares, Overbooking on many flights, computer upgrades for the booking system. . $$$ . ATA would no longer be apart of WN because WN pushed them out of the market by publishing lower fares than them - -

Topic: RE: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: Atrude777
Posted 2005-07-31 15:42:30 and read 3472 times.

Southwest has a very easy Price structure. she said it best.

"When you get into a display with other carriers, there's really no opportunity to display all the options available to the consumer," said Jill Howard-Allen, manager of interactive marketing at Southwest.

WN thinks and knows if it is ever in 3rd party website, not all of the prices will be shown. Some people may prefer to book a higher fee (refundable) in the evnt they may have to cancel. WN actually WANTS to show the lower fare they have. They have already tried 3rd party bookings, and it was not succesful for them.


Topic: RE: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: Luv2fly
Posted 2005-07-31 16:04:55 and read 3441 times.

Money why spend it when you do not need to.

Topic: RE: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: Srbmod
Posted 2005-07-31 16:25:51 and read 3413 times.

For the most part, to have your airline listed on one of these sites, you have to either use one of the major reservation software programs or you have to pay to play. WN has a large enough reputation to not need to be bothered to use one of the online travel sites. Plus there is also the customer service issue. WN sees it better that if there's an issue, you can deal with them directly, not via the travel site.

From my own research, I found that the online travel sites are generally more expensive than if you booked via an airline's or hotel's own site (This is exclusive of the booking fee you end up paying to the site.). These travel sites are ideal for those who want to book everything at one time and don't want to spend the time to search for the best deals. Myself, I want to get the best deals I can so I can have more money for the actual trip. When I went on vacation last year, I was originally going to use one of the big name travel sites (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline), but I then started to compare them with what the sites for the airline, hotel, and rental car company were offering, and started to go that route. I booked my flight through the airline, my rental car through through the rental car company, and my hotel I booked via a lesser known site I found out about (And the room was cheaper than what even the hotel's reservations page had priced it at). And even with having to pay a $25 booking fee through the site for my room, I still came out cheaper by around $50-$75 by booking everything separately.

Topic: RE: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: SPREE34
Posted 2005-07-31 16:30:48 and read 3390 times.

It cost SWA money to do that. Why spend the money when your own site offers all of the information. Pass the savings on to your customers and shareholders.

Bring up a second page on your browser to compare prices from two sites at once.

Topic: RE: Why WN Refuses To Post Fares With Kayak, Ect!
Username: N200WN
Posted 2005-08-01 08:00:40 and read 3165 times.

Southwest wants to control the Customer experience from beginning to end. It's not preferred to have a third party involved with the process. Besides, is easy to use if someone wants to compare.

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