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Topic: Where Is Panam Clipper Westwind
Username: Jmohsin
Posted 2005-08-07 23:35:33 and read 2891 times.


I flew PANAM Clipper Westwind in the early 70's. This was my first flight in a 747; and I was just astounded by the plane. However, I guess we have come a long way since then  Smile..

My question: what became of this plane ? Is it still in use somewhere ? Or has it been retired ?

Topic: RE: Where Is Panam Clipper Westwind
Username: FlySSC
Posted 2005-08-07 23:48:36 and read 2859 times.

"Clipper Westwind" was Pan Am B747-100 N753PA.

Sold on July 13th 1989 to Evergreen Int as N473EV and converted into a Freighter.

It was scrapped at Marana in 2001.

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Topic: RE: Where Is Panam Clipper Westwind
Username: Isitsafenow
Posted 2005-08-07 23:50:22 and read 2851 times.

N753PA,Clipper Westwind, built in April of 70, went to Evergreen in 1988 as N473EV, then stored at Marana AZ in 98.
This info is apx two years old. Perhaps there is an update.

Topic: RE: Where Is Panam Clipper Westwind
Username: Bhmbaglock
Posted 2005-08-08 00:16:53 and read 2805 times.

It's now N473EV per

Looks like it's currently in storage

No idea where.

My grandfather likely was one of the mechanics working on this plane when you flew. He was in the first group at PA trained for the 747. He got his start with Sikorsky flying boats.

Also, you may remember this plane dropping an engine out of Anchorage in the early 90's then landing safely.

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