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Topic: 747-100 3 Engine Operations
Username: 123
Posted 2005-08-28 04:21:36 and read 2644 times.

I understand that the first 747-100 operations were sometimes done with only 3 engines due to determined problems when operating 4 engines. Any more details?

Topic: RE: 747-100 3 Engine Operations
Username: Carduelis
Posted 2005-08-28 04:37:27 and read 2621 times.

Not intentionally, but there were a lot of engine shutdowns in the early stages, mainly due to the engine support yokes 'flexing' in flight.

This had the overall effect of the engine running very slightly 'oval' and thus then overheating due friction of the blades very fractionally 'touching' the outer casing of the engine. These over heated engines were then shut down for the remainder of the flight.

Due to a (contrived) pilots' strike where BA 747s were not flying, I remember seeing rows of them parked outside the hangars at LHR without engines because they had been loaned to the likes of PanAm and TWA. In place of the engines there were four blocks of concrete hanging from the engine supports in order to keep the geometry of the wings correct.

Like any new large aircraft, there were delays, but the airlines just got on with them - not like all the silly reports we currently see here of airlines being 'furious' due to a slight delay in the delivery of the A380!

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