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Topic: Boeing Confirms Ilfc Order For 50 Airplanes
Username: Boeing747-400
Posted 2000-05-31 18:47:22 and read 3140 times.

Thought you guys might want to read this:

SEATTLE, May 30, 2000 -- The Boeing Company today confirmed an order from International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) for 50 Next-Generation 737s, bringing ILFC's total orders for the 737 family to 387.

Today's is the second part of an agreement ILFC first announced last year to order up to 100 737s, consisting of 50 firm orders and this reconfirmable block for 50 additional airplanes. Total ILFC orders with Boeing now number 604 airplanes.

This order was accounted for in cumulative order totals published recently by Boeing. Until this announcement, the customer for the order was listed as "unidentified."

"We are very pleased with ILFC's repeat selection of the high technology Next-Generation 737 and especially pleased to see that ILFC is successfully expanding the customer base of the Next-Generation 737 to airlines around the world," said Seddik Belyamani, executive vice president - Sales and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "This order again validates the airplane's performance as well as the growing market acceptance and reliability of the new 737s."

Belyamani noted that ILFC was the first to place the Next-Generation 737 in Latin America, United Kingdom and China and continues to successfully place a full range of Boeing airplanes.

Since the launch of the Next-Generation 737 program, customers worldwide have ordered more than 1,450 of the advanced twinjets. It features the most advanced design technology in the single-aisle market and has proven itself with the highest dispatch reliability rate and lowest operating costs in its class. More than 1,000 737s are in the air at any time; one takes off somewhere in the world every 5.5 seconds.

I just read this off off So what do you think of this order?

Topic: RE: Boeing Confirms Ilfc Order For 50 Airplanes
Username: Agrodemm
Posted 2000-05-31 20:19:31 and read 3033 times.

I saw the news on boeing's website as well.
Does anybody knows how are such contracts are made nowadays? With the rapid expansion of e-business, how are aircrafts sold nowdays? "door-to-door" ?
Boeing has an extranet on place where its customers login and make orders, maintenance checks etc.
How big are e-business on airplanes?
Anybody with more info?

Topic: RE: Boeing Confirms Ilfc Order For 50 Airplanes
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-05-31 20:31:30 and read 3026 times.

LAPA just ordered another 7, 737-700's to accompany the ones they have recieved already

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