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Topic: AMS Tomorrow?
Username: Mikedlayer
Posted 2005-09-16 19:44:48 and read 1166 times.

Hi all,

Just wondered if anything interesting was due in at AMS tomorrow? Making my first trip over there and it would be nice to see something unusual.

Also does anyone know which runway will be used at LTN for departing and AMS for arriving tomorrow morning (arriving about 8:30am local)? Would be nice to sit on the right side of the aircraft if I could get some nice scenic shots  Smile


Topic: RE: AMS Tomorrow?
Username: AMSSFO
Posted 2005-09-16 20:34:58 and read 1134 times.

Quoting Mikedlayer (Thread starter):
which runway will be used at ... AMS for arriving tomorrow morning Current use of runways at AMS. in Dutch, but easy to understand
Zuiden=South; Noorden=North; Oosten= East and Westen=West
Hoofdlandingsbaan: main runway
buiten gebruik: not in use

Topic: RE: AMS Tomorrow?
Username: Petertenthije
Posted 2005-09-16 20:37:01 and read 1131 times.

Landings will be either on Kaagbaan (06/24) or Aalsmeerderbaan (18L/36R).

Check this thread at the scramble forums tomorrow morning for all flight movements. By then a list will probably have been uploaded with all movements.

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