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Topic: Copenhagen #1 Airport
Username: Texairport
Posted 2000-06-02 14:28:16 and read 1167 times.

There was a study in USAToday (6/2/00) about top 10 international airports in passenger satisfaction by the IATA:

1. Copenhagen
2. Changi
3. Helsinki
4. Vancouver
5. Manchester
6. Kuala Lumpur
7. Cincinnati
8. Perth
9. Amsterdam
10. Hong Kong

Topic: RE: Copenhagen #1 Airport
Username: Prebennorholm
Posted 2000-06-02 16:33:19 and read 1119 times.

Copenhagen #1 !!!
Well, they never asked me. I'm not guilty...

Preben Norholm, Copenhagen

Topic: RE: Copenhagen #1 Airport
Username: AviationLover
Posted 2000-06-02 20:51:02 and read 1094 times.

Do people really like the stinky smoky air???

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