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Topic: AA's New PHX-LAX, And PHX-SJC Routes
Username: American B757
Posted 2000-06-08 18:16:33 and read 3384 times.

Good morning! An AA employee will probably able to awnser these questions.

I recently heard and saw on AA's site that they are starting PHX-SJC and PHX-LAX flights. They are supposed to use MD-80 airplanes, does any one know if they will be ex reno planes or some of the regular 260 MD-80s? When do these routes actually start. Do you think they will compete well with AWA and SW? I don't believe they have started this route yet, but if they do great on these routes, may there be an equip change to a 757 possibly? One more question..... Do you think they will add new routes to/from PHX?

Thank you very much!

Topic: RE: AA's New PHX-LAX, And PHX-SJC Routes
Username: CannedSpam
Posted 2000-06-08 18:45:50 and read 3346 times.

The aircraft on these routes most likely will mostly be the ex-Reno Air aircraft. However, due to aircraft utilization and routings, some of the "silver" aircraft do/will intermingle with the "white" aircraft on these routes.

AA begins the routes on July 2nd but I doubt that you would ever see a 757 an these routes. They are too short and too low of a yield and AA would rather use the 757 elsewhere. In my opinion, these new routes are not neccessarily in place to compete with WN and HP. They are intended, however, to add to the network by providing better links for the transcon passenger. But just my opinion......

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