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Topic: Madrid - Barajas Rwy 36R
Username: MGASJO
Posted 2005-11-01 19:53:23 and read 2337 times.

I was on board an IB A320 going from MAD to BIO 10 days ago. After an endless taxi to RWY 36R we were #3 for takeoff, the first was an IB MD87 followed by a BA 752 and then us. Right after the MD87 took off, our captain cut right in front of the BA 752 -I could not tell which intersection (I saw like 3) he used since I could not find a Barajas airport chart anywhere online- and started take off roll not 45 seconds after the MD87 was airborne. I have heard stories about IB captains being scareless (when they used to fly here to MGA and we had bad weather they were the only ones that landed). Does that normally happens (cutting in front of a plane waiting for takeoff, or ATC giving them "preference" in take off since they're in their country?

Topic: RE: Madrid - Barajas Rwy 36R
Username: Goinv
Posted 2005-11-01 22:32:50 and read 2295 times.

Could be something to do woth slots. May be the BA flight didn't have an ATC slot further along it's route and needed to hold for a few minutes. Also, the takeoff interval (for the next departure) after a 757 has departed is greater than that of an A320 so ATC at Madrid may have been doing this to expedite departures.

I flown from Barajas in MSFS and yes - it's a long taxi to 36R

Topic: RE: Madrid - Barajas Rwy 36R
Username: LHR27C
Posted 2005-11-01 23:01:17 and read 2277 times.

At LHR, where intersection departures (i.e. often skipping the queue) are becoming very common these days it's mostly just to get the most efficient departure order. If the BA aircraft had the same SID (departure routing) as the IB MD87 it would need to hold on the runway for about two minutes due to traffic spacing anyway (at least this is what happens in the UK) and so it makes sense to get another departure off in the meantime going a different way that does not need this extra spacing. The other issue, as Gofly says, is wake turbulence. Certainly I'm positive it would have been a normal ATC clearance, ATC giving preference to their national carrier for the sake of it is a bit of a myth!

Topic: RE: Madrid - Barajas Rwy 36R
Username: MGASJO
Posted 2005-11-01 23:43:57 and read 2252 times.

Thanks for your answers. Too bad you can not use your scanner when u fly!

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