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Topic: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Dellatorre
Posted 2000-06-16 21:28:56 and read 3608 times.

I would never fly Cubana de Aviación, Servivensa, TAAG, Nigeria Airways, Garuda Indonesia ´cause they have no safety at all.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Carioca Canuck
Posted 2000-06-16 23:15:31 and read 3345 times.




These are the carriers I refuse to fly that are in my geographic area where my travelling takes place.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Che
Posted 2000-06-16 23:20:40 and read 3324 times.

Iraqi Airways  

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Mbmbos
Posted 2000-06-16 23:43:05 and read 3300 times.

From a service standpoint, I will no longer fly America West.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: TommyBoy
Posted 2000-06-17 01:53:28 and read 3267 times.


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Frequence plus
Posted 2000-06-17 02:20:20 and read 3251 times.

Tower Air from JFK to anywhere was the worst service I ever encountered, but their tickets sure were cheap! I guess you get what you pay for...

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Slappy
Posted 2000-06-17 06:17:30 and read 3224 times.

Korean Air for me! Unique experience that one...

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Samurai 777
Posted 2000-06-17 06:32:20 and read 3215 times.

Cubana, Tower Air, Avianca, Chosonminghang(North Korea), Nigeria Airways, the list goes on...

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: CX flyboy
Posted 2000-06-17 06:32:38 and read 3213 times.

You would be hard pushed to get me on a China Airlines, Korean or an Asiana flight.

I'd think twice about travelling with Singapore, as well as any small dodgy airline with shoddy maintenence.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Thai747
Posted 2000-06-17 06:48:39 and read 3198 times.

For me.. I would fly any carriers, the more exotic the better!!

When I select airlines, I try to avoid CX since I've been on too many flights with them ( I've been on all types of aircraft in their fleet) and I'd like some variety.. nothing to do with safety or service here..

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Airbus A3XX
Posted 2000-06-17 07:37:39 and read 3185 times.

I would say that's Northwest, United(About the service/seats) and Korean, China Airlines(Extremely poor safety record)

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: VirginA340
Posted 2000-06-17 07:49:04 and read 3182 times.

China Airlines
Iraqi Airways
Guardia Indonesia
British Airways ( racist flight attendents got really nasty with me during my last JFK-LHR trip with them that tramatized my parents and I'm still shocked that they still call themselves the world's favourite and staff at JFK were no better yet the airline has the nerve to name a 747 City of NY despite the highest complaint rate there in years due to BA staff's racist and rude attitude towards passengers)
Tower is even worse

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Critter_592
Posted 2000-06-17 08:24:53 and read 3163 times.

Whats wrong with American West?


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Ramprat
Posted 2000-06-17 09:56:32 and read 3155 times.

You wouldn't catch me on any Westjet flights.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: MEA-707
Posted 2000-06-17 11:36:32 and read 3125 times.

What's wrong with Garuda? I think they have made a nice turnaround since the mess in the earlier 90s. I flown with them earlier this year (and made a tripreport of it) to Australia and they were really OK.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Tca256
Posted 2000-06-17 12:27:44 and read 3116 times.

For those of you who wrote:

Nigeria Airways, EgyptAir, TAAG and Garuda...I don't the see the point about safety !! one denies that inflight service is pretty bad but this entirely wrong
about safety !! Is it because you heard about a crash
that the company is bad ?? get a life...!! wouldn't
fly Swissair or Silkair in that point of view !!

I'm tired of people considering third world companies
as linked to a lack of safety....!!!Most of you ignore
that most of African airlines, for example, have their
aircraft maintenance in Europe and not in Africa, so...

Delatorre..have you ever flown TAAG or GARUDA or
have read "serious" facts about their technical staff ??
Don't misunderstand 1) SAM launchs against UN aircrafts
and TAAG safety ; 2) these crashes in Medan and
Japan and the entire safety of the indonesian flag
carrier...SR111 and Crossair suffered from crashes these
past years...wouldn't you fly Qualiflyer ?? 


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Dellatorre
Posted 2000-06-17 14:08:21 and read 3098 times.

I´ll tell you somthing Tca256. I totally disagree with you. I have flown Garuda twice and i know what the risks are. So far i would rather fly SR than Nigeria or VASP, because they use old planes, bad service, unqualyfied crew. I think that is more than enough. The changes of dieing in a Plane in Africa, South Asia(take out SIA, THAI, and Malaysian) are much bigger than in Europe.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Turbulence
Posted 2000-06-17 15:57:19 and read 3088 times.

As stated in the other Dellatorre's topic ("Brazil"), i don't know what do you both (Dellatorre and Carioca Canuck) have against VASP. I've flown 10 times with them, and I had nothing but good experiences: nice ride, soft and relatively silent a/c (M11), low prices, maybe a little poor service on board, -you get what you pay for, agreeing with FrequencePlus-, but warm attention, anyway.

I've flown VASP a lot of times, and it is a BIIIIG pity to me that I have lost the only direct low-price connection BCN-SSA, becasue I would fly it again and again. They have some of the best safety records even in the smallest details. Do not let yourselves challenge because you live in USA and Canada, and VASP is south american. I live in Europe, and specially US americans shuld stop considering wahtever out-of-US as 3rd world. I work in tourism and I see how US tourists act, "protect themselves" and hide their wallets even inside their panties... But the "US paranoies" would be another topic at the non-aviation forum.

Back to companies I would not fly, maybe some far eastern ones of those that had various accidents lately (Korean, Philippines, etc.)

Best turbulences

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: ContinentalEWR
Posted 2000-06-17 16:57:24 and read 3081 times.

I would never fly Cubana, Korean Air, Aeroflot,
Nigeria Airways, Mexicana or Aeromexico, Air
Tran, or any Chinese airline, including Air China.

It bothers me that Continental has a code share
with Air China from LAX/SFO to TPE.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Noise
Posted 2000-06-17 17:13:12 and read 3067 times.

I would never, ever fly Air Transat. If the only flight to TPA or whatever was with Air Transat, I would just take a connecting flight. Air Transat is horrible.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Jaysit
Posted 2000-06-17 17:24:21 and read 3059 times.

American Airlines, NorthWest. Dirty planes, nasty F/As, non-existent service. They should merge and call themselves GreyHound Air.

I'd also stay away for awhile from China Airlines or Korean until they improve their flight safety record.

And, yes, of course we'd all rather avoid some tinpot carrier from some tinpot nation, but often small foreign carriers have excellent safety records and pretty good service. Air Mauritius, Srilankan, Jet Airways - all excellent carriers with levels of service and safety that are stellar.

Topic: What's Wrong With WestJet!?
Username: Samurai 777
Posted 2000-06-17 17:56:02 and read 3045 times.

Ramprat, what's wrong with WestJet!? Sure, its 732s are old, but the crews are great and the planes have very good maintenance!

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: N-156F
Posted 2000-06-17 18:01:50 and read 3043 times.

On flights within the U.S., I would never fly American Trans Air (dirty planes, nasty F/As), American Airlines (same problems), and Alaska (due to all the maintenance scares). I try to avoid United (all my experiences with them have been bad, i.e., late flights, clueless F/As and gate agents). I always enjoy flying on DL, NW (where else can you hop a DC-9-10, then connect to a 744?), CO, and US (though I'll never take them internationally again).
My international experience is limited, though I'd never touch Garuda, Korean, TowerAir, or China Southern.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Ramprat
Posted 2000-06-17 18:19:32 and read 3034 times.

I have talked to a few people who work on the aircraft and have heard what terrible shape their planes are in. For instance, I was talking to fueler in YYC on the ramp and he told me one day that while he was fueling that he leaned up against the engine. It moved about a foot side to side. He told maintenance about this and they took the aircraft down to the hangar to inspect it. They found that two of the three main bolts holding the engine to the wing were sheared through! The engine was being held on by one main bolt. Now to me that is something that should be noticed previously in an inspection. Even if they weren't comp[letely sheared through, certainly they would have noticed some wear. I have also heard lots of other stories about their aircraft.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Airbus_A340
Posted 2000-06-17 19:14:18 and read 3029 times.

In my area (hong kong)
i would never fly
china airlines, untided airlines, northwest, mandarin airlines, aeroflot and korean air.


Topic: RE: Turbulence
Username: Avion
Posted 2000-06-17 19:21:13 and read 3021 times.

Dont most uf us in europe do the same. Like the americans most europeans consider anything out of EU, US and Canada as third world (I do not!).

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Bacardi182
Posted 2000-06-17 19:32:28 and read 3017 times.

i would never fly aerolineas argentina, they are in a huge debt and couldnt possibley afford the best maintanence. the service also sucks. Also, in argentina i would not fly DINAR, i did it once but never again.(its a long story).
outside of argentina i would never fly anything but oneworld carriers (ff miles have gotten addicting)

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: N503JB
Posted 2000-06-17 19:46:29 and read 3011 times.

UA and NW I won't fly again in my life!! The reason is bad service, lost my baggage and those US staff doesn't like people who came from other country!!!!

No way UA and NW!!!!!

Topic: RE: Turbulence
Username: Dellatorre
Posted 2000-06-17 22:30:07 and read 3003 times.

As I said i´m from Brazil. I don´t think that Latin American carriers are in a lower level than US/Europe airlines.
There are some examples like:

+TAM, great service, leather interior, fast connections and nice and friendly crew.
+Varig, Transbrasil, Lanchile, Aeromexico, Mexicana, Taca Group, South African, Air Mauritius, RAM, Sri Lakan, Air Tahiti Naui are among the best carriers in the world. I keep saying that I would never fly VASP ´cause the planes are old( 737-200), has a huge debt, problems with mantainance and delays.

Topic: Third World Airlines
Username: Whippy
Posted 2000-06-17 22:37:28 and read 3002 times.

Rightly or wrongly, in almost every area of life and for most people, perception is 90% of reality. If they think that third world airlines are unsafe, then third world airlines are unsafe. They won't fly them.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Cedarjet
Posted 2000-06-18 03:44:16 and read 2993 times.

I find so-called Third World airlines to be a pleasure to fly - safety is not necessarily an issue, as many of these carriers have better safety records than so-called First World airlines. Think of Iranair, TAP Air Portugal, Olympic, Air-India, PIA, Biman Bangladesh, MEA, most South American airlines... Whereas Swissair have had a tragic major disaster at least once a decade, and they are generally considered to have the best maintence and engineering in the world.

State-owned airlines always have better food - compare United or NW catering to Olympic or MEA. Smaller nations have one gov't flag carrier and national pride is more important than profitability, so you get smoked salmon instead of a disgusting sandwich.

I will never again fly Deltaflot, I had ten domestic US flights with them on a trip in the US in 94 and every single flight was considerably late, and we had to overnight twice (at DL's expense) in Atlanta cos of missed connections. It was a mess, and their fleet seemed very tired - ancient creaking TriStars, 737-200s. I was not impressed for a second. Even the 757 climbed out of Miami seemed anaemic.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Tca256
Posted 2000-06-18 14:32:19 and read 2943 times.

Well said Cedarjet....


You seem to have fly twide Garuda...fine..I flew them
more and I don't the see point how you can be sure
about technical maintenance..are you a qualified
engineer to be sure of your words ?? I don't think so !
Were you in the hangars to understand that you
were going to fly "flying coffins" ??  !!!

No need to say that you can also travelling in USA
and see very strange Cedarjet said..DL
flies very old aircrafts and poor service compared to
its competitors (L-1011's and bad service)...wouldn't
you fly DL next time ?? check again Cedarjet's post
for further comments !!

Nigeria Airways has a code-share with you
really think a serious company like this one would
risk its prestige by letting its passengers dying in
"flying coffins" ?? Do you really think AF is enough
crazy to code-share with Korean Airlines without
having asked serious garanties about safety ??
Please think twice before stating company names
as linked to a lack of safety...!! Do you fly TAP ??
do you know that TAAG has its aircrafts maintained
thanks to TAP engineers ?? maybe do you think they
are less serious when repairing Angolese aircrafts
instead of the portugese planes ?? !! ?? 

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Pedro757
Posted 2000-06-18 14:42:45 and read 2937 times.

Since when is portugal a third world country?!?!

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Trintocan
Posted 2000-06-18 15:17:42 and read 2925 times.

TCA256, well said but do you know that an AF codeshare crash in 1998 was the event that caused many to question the safety of codeshare carriers? In that accident, a 727-200 of Ecuadorean military carrier TAME crashed shortly after taking off from Bogota, Colombia, on a flight to Quito at home. All 119 or so on board died. Commentators on the scene recalled seeing Air France paraphernalia among the wreckage.

Nuff said...


Topic: ContinentalEWR And Others
Username: Air Taiwan
Posted 2000-06-18 15:21:21 and read 2930 times.

HELLO!!! Air China belongs to the huge Communist China who constantly brainwash their people to hate all western countries especially the US, and China Airlines belongs to the fully democratic Taiwan who has just had their second presidential election.
To those who cannot tell from Air China and China Airlines, be ashamed to call yourselves aviation inthusiasts!

Topic: RE: Cedarjet
Username: Teahan
Posted 2000-06-18 15:23:37 and read 2933 times.

Since when does Swissair have a major crash once every decade? There last Crash was in Athens in 1979.
That is nearly 20 years without one fatal accident.

If you consider Crossair being Swissair (Crossair are 70% owned by Swissair) it would mean they had 2 crashes in 3 years!

Jeremiah Teahan

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Tca256
Posted 2000-06-18 16:32:59 and read 2925 times.


I didn't say TAP is a third world company...I meant TAP
is a very professional company that helps TAAG for
its technical maintenance !! I'm not a self-centered
person to ignore my portugese fellows are part of the
UE and their company is a member of Qualiflyer group  


The aircraft was fully maintained by AF and leased
to that latin-american company...!! If airlines fell in
paranoia of having partners that crash, what would
be the advantage for code-sharing ?? Actually I
ignored this incident opened a debate about code-sharing and safety !! Do you have an idea of companies
breaking their code-share for safety reasons ??

Air Taiwan,

Without entering political matters....I don't have the
souvenir of being insulted by "brain-washed" Chinese
in Asia...are you really serious saying Chinese are ALL
anti-westerners ?? that's maybe the reason why their
dictators love to visit Europe and Washington for
trade/tourism !!! I would bet you're from Taiwain ??? !!
Be more open-minded with "Air China" and "China Airlines"...both the name are very close...!!

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Pedro757
Posted 2000-06-19 06:09:22 and read 2879 times.

oh ok... sorry  

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Trintocan
Posted 2000-06-19 09:50:45 and read 2865 times.

TCA256, no I do not know of any carriers breaking codeshares due to purely safety concerns. All the same, when SR111 crashed the issue was again raised as that flight was a DL codeshare.


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Timobear
Posted 2000-06-19 10:02:34 and read 2867 times.

I simply use my own judgment. I would not take many 3rd world airlines, middle eastern airlines, (excluding el al) and I would not take valuejet, did I say valuejet? oops! I mean airtran. I won't take questionable asian carriers either. Nor will I ever take tower air.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Pacific
Posted 2000-06-19 10:18:08 and read 2860 times.

China Airlines, Air India, Korean Air and China Southern. Their safety is not all that good.

Topic: RE: SR
Username: V Jet
Posted 2000-06-19 10:42:40 and read 2862 times.



What about the SR MD-11. Thats somewhat more recent than 1979 in ATH

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Amir
Posted 2000-06-19 11:28:20 and read 2859 times.


i find this disscusion a bit emotional. On one hand many mentioned Egyptair. My godness, many reputable airlines had fatal crashes, think of SR, LH, AA, UA you name it. So what's wrong with MS? i have conducted at leat 15 flights with MS and i never felt unsafe.

For those who mentioned Iraqi Airways??? i bet you never flew them ( i never did ) unless it was more than ten years back. Again, a judgement based on emotions.
Iraqi airways used to be a good airline in the middle east (well the service was not comparabel with GF and ME)

Did you know that many third world carriers do maintain their aircrafts in Europe? Iran Air for example is one of the biggest customers to LH Technik since ages.

Air China and Indian Airlines did however had too many crashes to be justifed in a logical manner, same might be a problem with KE.

For myself i try to fly odd airlines whenever possible since it's always fun and you will see something either crazy or different. Meanwhile i have flown with 41 Carriers.


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Panman
Posted 2000-06-19 12:21:07 and read 2848 times.

I will never fly British Airways or American Airlines.

British Airways for the simple fact that they are a racist organisation as was stated beforehaned. In the early to mid 90's it was found that they screened all their 'ethnic minority' (I hate this political correctness crap) passengers on flights between the USA and the UK. They had to issue an apology and promise to put a stop to this practice.

American Airlines because they are bullies. They want small countries that they (AA or American Eagle) fly to, to pay them USD $1 million in order to keep flying there as well as waiver any landing charges. If the country fails to do so then they stop all flights. You think I'm talking rubbish, ask any person from Grenada (in the Caribbean) what happened two years ago and why they no longer have flights by AA.

Oh yeah BA did this also, they couldn't get the landing charges at POS dropped so they pulled out of that route leaving BWIA to have a monopoly on the LHR-POS route. They only recently (October '98 I think) started flying back to TAB after a 7 year absence.


Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Cedarjet
Posted 2000-06-19 15:04:00 and read 2851 times.

Amir said, "For myself i try to fly odd airlines whenever possible since it's always fun and you will see something either crazy or different." That has always been my feeling on the subject of choosing an airline, and here is the list of the airlines I have flown with (done on a boring train ride a while ago):
Air Europe 737, 757
Air France 737, 747, A300
Air-India 747
Air Inter F100, Caravelle
Air Littoral F100
Ansett 727, 737, 767, A320
Britannia 737, 757, 767
British Airways 737, 747, 757, Trident
British Mediterranean A320
British Midland 737
Caledonian L1011
Cathay Pacific 747
China Air Lines MD11
Continental 727, 737, MD80
Dan Air 737, BAC111
Delta 737, 757, 767, MD80, L1011
East West BAe 146
easyJet 737
Finnair MD80, MD11
Garuda A300
Gulf Air L1011
Jersey European BAe 146
Lufthansa 737
Mandarin 747SP
Middle East Airlines 707
Monarch A300
Northwest 747, A320
Novair DC10
Olympic 737, 747, A300
Pakistan International 747
Philippines 747
Qantas 747, 767
Singapore 747
Swissair A321
Thai 747
Trans Australia Airways DC9, 727
Transavia 737
Tyrolean F70
United 727, 757, 777, DC10
USAir 737, 767
Virgin Atlantic 747.

And I'm still here (although the Philippines 747s were really scary).

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Oflove13
Posted 2000-06-19 21:50:33 and read 2812 times.

Being a flight attendant for Tower i fly them all the time ( yes we are still flying) but the airline i will not fly on is Korean. Any airline that lost a 747 i would avoid

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: N-156F
Posted 2000-06-20 00:54:36 and read 2802 times.

A few amendments to my prestated note:
I have no problem with so-called "third world" carriers in general. I do, however, have a problem with flying on *any* national carrier of a country that's at war with either another country or itself. I.E., MEA may be an excellent airline with top-notch maintenance, but given the turmoil in the middle east, I would think twice before flying it. Aeroflot Russian Int'l is an airline I very much want to fly someday, but I can guarantee you that it won't happen while the war with Chechnya is going on.
Terrorist attacks are probably an unfounded concern, but in some parts of the world, it's a very real threat. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has miserable security, and seeing as how the Haitians and Dominicans hate each other, I would think twice about boarding any flight there. What better way to humiliate your worst enemy than highlight their poor security by blowing up a plane with hundreds of people on it, eh?
I probably have more to fear from WestJet's shoddy mantenance, or one of Tower's 747s falling on top of me, but I just avoid airlines that are flag carriers for warring countries. It makes sense for me...

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Samurai 777
Posted 2000-06-20 01:15:11 and read 2797 times.

About WestJet, that's funny -I've never really seen any mechanically-related delays. Either Transport Canada (a department of the Canadian Government) is trying to breathe down their necks or the airline personnel seem to be trying to cover it up so as not to scare the passengers. It's amazing that they didn't have a Prattt & Whitney fall into somebody's backyard or a parking lot! I'm not out to put WestJet or its people down (I've had good service from this airline and I'd still fly on WestJet again.), but if the mechanical problems are rampant enough, it could hurt the airline's image and performance. People are often wary of flying on older aircraft like the 737-200 enough as it is. Remember how the FAA went down hard on America West's maintenance? The FAA and Transport Canada could do that kind of thing to WestJet if the maintenance levels get worse.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Johno
Posted 2000-06-20 06:44:32 and read 2777 times.

I would fly with any commercial airline from a safety perspective. After all, nobody takes off (especially the pilot and crew) if they dont think they are going to reach the destination safely.
If more than one carrier is flying the sector I am travelling then I will choose airlines based on service levels.
For the record, my worst service experience was Pakistan International (and they would not be my first choice next time!)

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: TWAneedsHELP
Posted 2000-06-20 17:37:57 and read 2755 times.

How is Aeroflot these days? For years they were renopwn for BAD service, but now I see that DL is picking them up, and theyve retired many of their old Soviet models. Havent heard about any accidents with them.

You were mentioning earlie an instance when an airline pulled a codeshare from another airline on account of safety. This happened a year and a half ago regarding DL and KoreanAir. Following the Korean 74 that went down in China, Delta announced publicly it was reexamining its cooperation with Seoul based carrier and would hold a moratorium on selling Delta passengers tickets on Korean flights. Its funny, because now the two seem to be getting closer. Isn't in 2 days away from a formal alliance?

Garuda has historically been known for mainatince trouble and questionable safety. Thats a matter of the airline's reputation. Since that crash about 4-5 yrs ago when a Garuda crashed after taking off from a Japan airport, it seems they've straightened things out.

The United States State Dept. warns American citizens against flying into or out of Abubakar (or something like that) airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Almost all US airports have signs at the security checkpoint advertising this fact. I won't be on Nigeria Airways for awhile.

I'm not too exicted about Cubana either. However, while Cuba is a third world country, the US has a lot to do with that, Cubans are hard working, highly educated people working with 1950s technology and infrastructure. The airline has leased modern A320s from Ireland's TransAero to upgrade fleet age. The AOM DC10 accident recently was unfortunate.

Another airline no one mentioed is Mexico's Taesa. I know very little of Mexico's largest privately owned airline, but am familiar with the government's desire to shut it down, the airline's shaky financial standing, and purported safety shortcuts. Hmmmm


Topic: Easyjet
Username: OA269
Posted 2000-06-22 00:21:16 and read 2736 times.

I would never fly with Easyet : No f/a,no meal,doubtful flight crew's skills,no IATA member.Like an old wrecked bus where the drunk driver shouts "Come on in, now Athens to London onle £39.99" Note:the price is fake because it's with no vat and airport costs and it's one way.Also the airport is in Luton of course, not even Cadwick.I don't know but I don't trust any of Easy...something companies.I find them very cheap,tricky and with low quality services.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Trvlr
Posted 2000-06-22 00:46:19 and read 2734 times.

I actually think the PRC carriers would be relatively safe to fly on; the CCPC would have the executive's heads if there was a major crash on foreign soil! And the PRC made all of the airline's executives be in the air on one of their planes when the clock struck midnight on December 31st, 1999! I have flown on Air China and found the flight I was on to be not all that different from a regular domestic flight in the US. And when I wa there, I did not see one non-western airliner in service by a Chinese airline. I did see some China Northwest Tu-154s parked, though, but I think the airline was just waiting to discard them. As far as other airlines go, I would be a little uneasy about flying Korean Air or China Airlines, but with the safety overhauls both of the airlines have announced, I think that uneasiness will be overcome within the next few years.
VirginA340: How many instances of racial discrimination have you or have you heard people have experienced on a BA flight? I will be travelling with my Indian-descended friend this summer to the UK on BA and both he and I are concerned about treatment he might get on the trip.

Aaron G.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: 220389
Posted 2000-06-22 01:14:10 and read 2731 times.

I would never fly with BWIA until they replace those really old and scrappy L10-11's. One time I was flying with them from Toronto to Trinidad via Antigua and the L10-11's wing has a big hole in it. The hole was right above the engine. Hopefully they would replace their L10-11's with Airbus A330-200's.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Panther
Posted 2000-06-22 07:40:15 and read 2719 times.

I read Korean Airlines is going head to head with Cubana in the most unsafe airline race. I think I'll put my money on that commie airline in the Caribbean to become the most unsafe, better yet worst airline.

Topic: RE: Carriers You Would Never Fly
Username: Singapore 777
Posted 2000-06-22 09:50:21 and read 2715 times.

I really would think twice about flying Cathay for two reasons:

1) Price we pay is high. Service is second-rate sometimes.

2) Cathay is not very consistent in the sense that they, in a hurry to get more capacity, did not install PTV. I do not care about whether the three or whether it was economical or not but as a pax, it doesn't a leave a desireable impression.

3) Management is not firm.

Weng Lock

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