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Topic: Any News Of The A380 Flying To India
Username: Deaphen
Posted 2005-12-21 14:44:31 and read 5624 times.

I saw on tv the head of airbus (Someone?) on the A380 show talking to Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya who has ordered a number of the whale jets for his Kingfisher Airlines. And in that he has reported as offering to fly it to delhi.. any update on that?

Topic: RE: Any News Of The A380 Flying To India
Username: Jaysit
Posted 2005-12-21 15:39:35 and read 5593 times.

Yes, Mallya has ordered 5 of the whale jets. Will they ever see the light of day? Who knows. Maybe as freighters to haul his beer across the world.

But Lufthansa stated that as soon as they got their A380s, they'd like to fly them to Delhi.

Topic: RE: Any News Of The A380 Flying To India
Username: JetWay
Posted 2005-12-21 20:22:42 and read 5501 times.

A few days back Air France told that they'd like to operate the A380 to Delhi & Mumbai

[QUOTE]Air France to operate A-380 to India
Sunday, 18 December , 2005, 08:51

New Delhi: Air France has expressed its willingness to operate the soon to be launched double-decker aircraft, the Airbus A-380 on some routes to India, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Air France KLM Group, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, said here.
"I have just conveyed to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation the willingness of the airline to operate the A-380 aircraft to some destinations here including Delhi and Mumbai," Spinetta said. The airline is to take first delivery of the aircraft in April 2008. [QUOTE]

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