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Topic: World Airways Pilots On Strike?
Username: Syncmaster
Posted 2006-01-29 05:42:31 and read 4446 times.

I had someone tell me last night at ATL that the World Airways pilots went on strike... I can't find any info online, basically I wanted to find out whats up and whether or not its true?


Topic: RE: World Airways Pilots On Strike?
Username: GoBoeing
Posted 2006-01-29 05:47:29 and read 4444 times.

They are on strike.

A lot of their flying is for CRAF though, and they still will fly the CRAF flights (troops in airliners). Their training department is also on strike, however, so the number of current pilots who can fly the planes will gradually decrease.

Topic: RE: World Airways Pilots On Strike?
Username: Laxintl
Posted 2006-01-29 05:54:50 and read 4427 times.

From the World pilot union;


WASHINGTON, DC –Jan.28th– The Negotiating Committee for the pilots of World Airways report that early this morning the talks between themselves and World Airways under the auspices of the National Mediation Board (NMB) have failed and that the parties are release to self-help.

“We have spent the entire week bargaining in good faith with the company while protecting the future of our pilots,” said Captain Luis Carmona, Executive Council Chairman of the World Airways Pilots’ union. “But World Airway’s management refuses to understand or comprehend how important job security is to this pilot group.”

The Negotiating Committee had met with World Airways management past the 12:01 AM deadline in order to give the company additional time; however their final offer was in principal no different from their last offer coming into the meetings.

““Regretfully, the committee was forced to reject the company’s proposal and take our members into self-help,” said Captain Mark Ohlau, World Airways Pilots Negotiation Committee. “The Strike Committee has implemented the plan drafted for this contingency and work stoppage is underway. As of 0230 EST, our crewmembers are officially on strike against World Airways.”

The unresolved issues in addition to job security are adequate medical and life insurance and genuine compensation increases—not those that are negated by increased benefit costs. The parties have been negotiating a new contract since June 2003, when the pilots’ current collective bargaining agreement became amendable.

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