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Topic: Swissair Fleet-options
Username: Panam
Posted 2000-07-18 00:38:22 and read 1835 times.

Does someone know, how many A330-200 and A340-600 options(!) Swissair actually has?

By the way, did Crossair decide what aircraft will replace their MD80s?

Topic: RE: Swissair Fleet-options
Username: ZRH
Posted 2000-07-18 10:06:37 and read 1790 times.

Sorry, at the moment I don't know it exactly, but I think they have ordered at the moment 11 A 340-600 and have at least 10 options. 16 A 330-200 are on order and perhaps 10 more options too. It is rather difficult to find it out because they ordered some aircrafts directly and others by their subsidiary Flightlease. Flightlease ordered a lot Airbuses for the Qualiflyer Groupe and it is not very clear to which airline they will go (Swissair, Sabena, TAP or others).

Topic: RE: Swissair Fleet-options
Username: ZRH
Posted 2000-07-18 10:18:03 and read 1785 times.

The Crossair decision is not yet made or perhaps not yet communicated.

Topic: RE: Swissair Fleet-options
Username: Gerardo
Posted 2000-07-18 10:32:17 and read 1781 times.

So far 14 A332 are operated by Swissair. The 15th is leased to Novair until later this year.

Swissair has a firm order for 9 A346, and for further 2, which will leased thru ILFC (IIRC), as stated already.

I have to agree with ZRH: The Swissair deals are far from transparent and easy to follow.


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