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Topic: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: Globetrotter
Posted 2000-07-31 21:19:02 and read 2889 times.

With the sheer size of the United States, geographically and based on population, it is fairly obvious that we Americans probably enjoy the largest domestic commercial air market. Does anyone know what country comes in second based on:

1. # of carriers?

2. # of pax flown annually?

3. # of cities served?

Thanks for your comments.

Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: Tupolev154B2
Posted 2000-07-31 21:38:53 and read 2870 times.

Don't know about stats, but it is most likely Japan IMO.

Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: Reno_air
Posted 2000-07-31 21:53:46 and read 2856 times.

If you count the EU, than its the EU.

I think you can count the EU market as domestic as you dont have to go through customs and the market is fully liberalised.

The EU has 500 cities receiving scheduled air service.


Topic: RE: Reno_air
Username: Globetrotter
Posted 2000-07-31 22:20:21 and read 2842 times.

When I posed the question, I was thinking more in terms of a particular country. But, I suppose you do have a point. Any idea what individual country it might be?

Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: Farhan Ali
Posted 2000-07-31 22:58:15 and read 2829 times.

Japan is the biggest domesitc market outside the U.S

Japan's main airlines Japan AirLines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Air System and Skymark Airlines all use wide-body aircraft for flights that are just one hour long.

JAL and ANA use the Boeing 777-300 for domestic routes and Japan Air System uses the Boeing 777-200 for domestic routes also and Japan routes are not that long. Also Japan AirLines and All Nippon Airways are the largest operaters for the Boeing 747-400 domestic model to carry more people on domestic routes from Tokyo to Osaka or Tokyo to Nagoya.

Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: TWAneedsHELP
Posted 2000-07-31 23:01:11 and read 2826 times.


Those yellow bodies fly more than they smoke, its really amazing.

just kidding, my dad's japanese.

Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: Trintocan
Posted 2000-08-01 10:39:11 and read 2796 times.

Yes indeed. The 747-400 Domestic and previous 747SR models were built expressly for the Japan market. The 744D can be distinguished from other 744s by the lack of winglets as it uses the 742's wing. They are also more strongly constructed to handle multiple short sector operations.

Aside from Japan, my guess would be China or Russia. The breakup of monolithic airlines in those countries has given rise to dozens of new carriers.

Canada? Although large, its population is rather small for it to count.


Topic: RE: Largest Domestic Market Outside The US?
Username: TAA_Airbus
Posted 2000-08-01 11:10:46 and read 2793 times.

I think its China. I remember reading a article in a magazine about Chinese domestic aviation, and there are just so many airlines that use jets.

Apparently China has been nicknamed Boeing country based on the fact there are so many boeing aircrafts compared to anything else.

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