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Topic: US Equipment Upgrade Question
Username: KYAir
Posted 2006-05-04 14:44:26 and read 2088 times.

For any of you US insiders: Is there any talk, or any possibility, of upgrading equipment on the Huntington WV Tri-State Regional/CLT route? Currently 4x daily, 3 Dash 8s and 1 8-300 with 50 seats. What are loads like? Any possibility of more 8-300s or even an RJ? Any possibility of adding HTS to PHL, PIT or DCA?

Comair currently operates 4x daily to CVG with the CRJ and loads have been good the times I've taken one of those, plus fares are relatively high out of HTS on both DL and US. Seems there is at least a little money to be made at HTS.

Thanks for the replies.

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