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Topic: African Liveries
Username: Airmale
Posted 2000-08-26 22:43:16 and read 1111 times.

apart from south african, air seychelles, LAM mozambique , air namibia and egypt air african carriers have the worst liveries in the world, why? arent designers interested in bringing in style there? have you seen kenya airways new livery? simply horrid.

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: 747sp_rulez
Posted 2000-08-26 23:42:31 and read 1088 times.

I disagree with you...

I think there are many nice liveries in Africa:

British Airways operated by Comair
Ethiopian (Nice bright colours)
Air Zimbabwe (Much as I hate Zimbabwe, they got nice bright colours)
TAAG Air Angola (They've got a very nice livery with an antelope on the wing)
Air Gabon (Not the best, but striking)
Ghana Airways (They have embodied their flag on their tail...looks good!)
Air Afrique (Nice, not the best, but striking)
Nigeria Airways (Their new livery is nice. Not the best, but strinking!)
RAM (OK, this one is bad)
Midwest Airlines (Cool livery, very striking)
Air Tanzania (Their "Kilimanjaro" aircraft is cool with a giraffe on the tail)
Air Austral (They've got a nice blue livery)

I think the above airlines try their best to look good, and some need changes, such as Air Afrique. But on the whole, they look good. Just my opinion.


Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: FLY777UAL
Posted 2000-08-27 00:13:20 and read 1080 times.

I have to disagree, too, as I LOVE Air Tanzania's livery!

F L Y 7 7 7 U A L

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: Capt.Picard
Posted 2000-08-27 00:15:24 and read 1079 times.

What's wrong with Zim, 747SP??

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: Brissie_lions
Posted 2000-08-27 01:37:40 and read 1069 times.

Don't forget the livery on the Alliance 747SPs (when they were operated).

Sudan Airways has an ok livery. Doesn't one also count Air Mauritius as an African airline, coz their livery looks great.

Also I feel that style is a local thing. What is stylish in Europe or Australia may not necessarily be stylish to people in Africa.

Capt. Picard....I don't think Tommy has anything against Zimbabwe as a country. If he is like me he is against the racist, homophobic, not-all-with-it despot they call Mugabe.


Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: Jaysit
Posted 2000-08-27 02:03:04 and read 1060 times.

i agree with Brissie !

Air Mauritius have a great livery.
And I think that South African has one of the best liveries in the business !

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: TWAneedsNOhelp
Posted 2000-08-27 08:12:05 and read 1047 times.

I disagree. South African's present livery is among one of the worst. Very bland and unexciting. SAA's old livery however could be credited with being one of the best in the business. With the springbok on the tail, very classy.

I think Air Afrique's livery is another very classy African livery. One of my favorite in the industry actually.

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: Capt.Picard
Posted 2000-08-27 12:18:21 and read 1042 times.

I agree with you on Mugabe, he's a trouble-maker.

I think that's what 747SP was referring to aswell.


Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: SR3496
Posted 2000-08-27 12:24:56 and read 1040 times.

Brissie, Picard:

Best livery in Africa has Air São Tomé e Príncipe!! (stp's nationl flower)

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: D10RK
Posted 2000-08-27 19:28:03 and read 1026 times.

Nigeria one of the best liveries of the world!!!!!!

Click for large version
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Photo © Propfreak

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Photo © Carsten Jørgensen

Topic: Nigeria Airways
Username: AFa340-300E
Posted 2000-08-27 19:30:46 and read 1026 times.


Do they still have these DC-10s?
Where do they use them?

Thank you,

Best regards,
Alain Mengus

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: 747sp_rulez
Posted 2000-08-27 22:03:34 and read 1023 times.

Brissie and Capt.Picard, yep thats why I hate Zim, cause of the asshole currently dictating it...I mean, he tuned us gays that we come from the Jungle!!!! Stuff him, who does he think he is! And also the farm invasions....two wrongs don't make a right!

But anyway, getting back to the topic, I've liked every livery of SAA that they have had. They've all had the flag well embodied on their aircraft. I think their new livery is fine the way it is...brilliant actually.

I forgot to mention the Alliance 747SP that someone mentioned...that I believe, has been the best livery ever created in the whole world! That livery had style, originality, and pure brilliance. Their new livery is now unoriginal, as it looks nearly the same as SAA.

Another livery which looked good, not from a distance, but from up close, was the now defunct Sun Air. They had a mainly blue and white livery, with a pink and blue cheatline, which made it look really nice. And their uniforms - the best in the sky! And their service - the best in the world, in the sky, and under the sky!!!


Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: D10RK
Posted 2000-08-28 07:33:14 and read 1016 times.

Salut Alain!

Nigeria used 2 DC10 (5N-ANN/5N-ANR)

the 5N-ANR crashed in 1987 at Ilorin (Nigeria) during a trainning flight (no fatalities) , and NGA replaced the 5N-ANR by the N117WA (the latest DC10 built) (retrun to World Airways after).

They used these DC10 for the routes LOS-LHR/FCO/ZRH/AMS/JFK

Today they use only the 5N-ANN , before the summer the plane flew LOS-KAN-JED and LOS-KAN-DXB
but now we have no news about NGA (certainly a big financial problem).

I hope that Mr Clinton , who is in NGA today for a official trip , can help the military gov' to improve the financial situation of the airline!!!!!!  ))

Topic: RE: African Liveries
Username: TWAneedsNOhelp
Posted 2000-08-28 13:37:54 and read 1009 times.

Thats like #30 on a list of 30 things to do.

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