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Topic: JNB To Get New Terminal
Username: MetalInyoni
Posted 2006-05-24 13:15:10 and read 3962 times.

The article states that airports in SA are being upgraded for A380 - would that just be Jo'burg and Cape Town or would they include Durban as well?

Topic: RE: JNB To Get New Terminal
Username: A390
Posted 2006-05-24 14:07:48 and read 3933 times.

Upgrading at JNB for the A380 has been taking place for some time now.
- New parking bays are amost complete (Echo and Foxtrot Aprons)
- Taxiways modifications and highspeed exits almost complete
- Work on the international terminal extension started end 2005
In CPT work has been taking place to accept the A380 with two parking bays been made available.
No work for DUR. Only JNB and CPT will be able to facilitate the A380.

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