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Topic: No More MD-90 By SAS?
Username: Airlittoralguy
Posted 2006-06-02 09:56:11 and read 3360 times.

Is it true that SAS does not longer fly Md90 ? I can't find one in their schedules and no more photos in the database for a long time.

Where did they all go ?

Topic: RE: No More MD-90 By SAS?
Username: TriStar500
Posted 2006-06-02 10:01:40 and read 3354 times.

They were retired in early 2005 IIRC. They are now flying (subleased) with Nordic Leisure and Blue1.

Topic: RE: No More MD-90 By SAS?
Username: D950
Posted 2006-06-02 17:25:51 and read 3208 times.

Hello is also taking at least three if not more from SAS, with HB-JID/E/F all in service already.

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