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Topic: Cabin Chimes
Username: Gnomon
Posted 1999-06-16 17:55:59 and read 5567 times.

I know that the flight crew can signal the cabin crew indicating various situations by using chimes in the cabin that flash the Fasten Seatbelts/No Smoking lights. We've all heard them, I'm sure. I BELIEVE that 4 chimes, for instance, indicates either imminent departure or landing in 10 minutes. Can anyone provide a list of the different numbers of chimes and what each means?

Topic: RE: Cabin Chimes
Username: Agent de bord
Posted 1999-06-16 18:32:24 and read 5561 times.

Each airline uses different system of chimes. For example, 4 chimes for one airline might mean take-off or landing imminent; for another it might mean an inflight emergency. So, do not be scared when you fly and here 5 or more bells - it may be indicating imminent landing for F/A's.

Here are chimes used for Canadi>n:

1 bell - passenger call, lav call, change in cabin signs, five minute warning prior to landing, crew communication via interphone

2 bells - F/A to contact the flight deck for a message

3 bells - Take-off or landing imminent - take your jump seat

5 bells on the ground - evacuate

5 bells inflight - F/A to report immediately to the flight deck to receive emergency instructions

Does anyone know flight deck/cabin communication systems used by other airlines?

Topic: RE: Cabin Chimes
Username: SpUd
Posted 1999-06-18 01:52:47 and read 5561 times.

4 chimes usually means the bar is closing.
-last drinks please.

every airline is different.

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