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Topic: Can I Buy A Prem Economy Seat With UA Checking In
Username: Shamrock105
Posted 2006-09-07 08:02:34 and read 3547 times.

Hi All; I'm due to fly DUB - LHR - LAX with BD and UA next Tuesday, and have an economy ticket. I'm just wondering if anybody would know if it is possible to exchange my economy ticket for a premium economy ticket at check in, and if so, how much would this cost. Can anybody do this, or is this just limited to Frequent Flier members. Of course, this is subject to there being seats available on premium economy on the flight in the first place!

Secondly, if anybody has flown United from Dublin through Heathrow previously, do BD assign your boarding pass for connecting UA flights, when you check in at DUB, or is there a requirement to go to the Flight connections centre at LHR in order to obtain your UA bording pass.

Topic: RE: Can I Buy A Prem Economy Seat With UA Checking In
Username: SA7700
Posted 2006-09-07 08:21:59 and read 3535 times.

I have done it at ORD upon check-in. United calls it an "upsale", so be sure to ask whether an "upsale" to EconomyPlus would be possible.

If you are going to check your bags through to LAX, you will most probably not be able to get a seat in EconomyPlus - I can not imagine that BD check-in staff has the authority to move you to EP. Lastly, BD should be able to check your bags through to LAX and issue boarding passes for all sectors - they are Star Alliance partners - unless of course BD has interline issues.



Topic: RE: Can I Buy A Prem Economy Seat With UA Checking In
Username: Baw716
Posted 2006-09-07 08:47:21 and read 3511 times.

If you fly two-three times per year, UA offers "EconomyPlus Access" for $299, including a companion on flights, subject to space (key words here).

Depending upon the amount of the upsell at check in, this might be a way to get E+ more often when purchasing cheap tickets (although UA is not particularly cheap these days).


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