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Topic: Cathay Pacific Receive Their 3rd 744BCF
Username: N754PR
Posted 2006-09-18 03:50:38 and read 3015 times.

B-HUS has just almost arrived from Xiamen, just saw her do a go around on 07L (testing). This aircraft is ex SAA and is now the 7th "Silver Bullet".

1st B-HOU a CX aircraft
2nd B-HKH a SQ aircraft
3rd B-HUS a SA aircraft

Topic: RE: Cathay Pacific Receive Their 3rd 744BCF
Username: Zeke
Posted 2006-09-18 06:38:34 and read 2903 times.

Even more good news, August figures are out.

CX carried 1,488,507 passengers in total which was a 5.2% increase on the same month in 2005. Passenger load factor rose by 1.3% to 83.1%, while capacity was up 3.9%.

Figures released for the year to date show a passenger increase of 9.4% and capacity is up by 9.3%.

August cargo transportation totalled 94,987 tonnes, which was a 0.5% gain on August 2005. Capacity rose by 0.7% and the cargo load factor for the month rose by 1.5% to 65.8%

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