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Topic: Episode Of US Flights Not Posting To UAMP...
Username: ASTROJET707
Posted 2006-10-16 05:51:54 and read 4287 times.

In April of this year I booked a RT-Y on US at and used 20,000 miles to upgrade the ticket to F.The routing was DFW-PHL-BOS-PHL-DFW for Labor Day Weekend.

Sidenote: I was suprised once booked, I could not change seats online.
My UAMP number was not visible in the online record and could not make changes to the FFACCT in the PNR.

I was downgraded the day or departure, BOS-PHL. Oddly enough this is the only segment which has posted to UAMP. The agent stated the 230pm was canceled so we put you on the "Gee I am sorry we cannot accommadate you in F". So here it is 10/15/2006, after five phone calls, two letters to the Miami DMSC and four emails....NADA. Responses to my emails took 7-10 days. US staff were rude and only 1 person understood the entire scenario.

I have one more trip in December, same deal, Y-purchase and upgraded with miles and it will be my last US trip. Is this typical of HP and or US?

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