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Topic: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: B727
Posted 2000-10-14 15:15:50 and read 2577 times.

I am planning a trip to London for next spring, and was looking for input on the best airline service to LHR. currently all the majors are running about the same price. I know AA has PTVs on their 777. Do any other airlines have IFE? Being a 10- 12 hour flight this would help. Any info would be greatly appreciated. If you were taking this trip who would you pick and why.


Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: RayChuang
Posted 2000-10-14 15:48:39 and read 2528 times.


Actually, JFK-LHR is more like a 7-hour flight eastbound.

If you can afford First Class (e.g., more than US$3,000 per ticket), BA's Club Class and VS' Upper Class are superb choices. I'm not sure how good are the First Class amenities for AA, DL and UA, though.

By the way, if you live within the boroughs of NYC itself, I believe that VS Upper Class passengers also have complimentary limousine service to JFK.

Topic: Go VS
Username: LGW
Posted 2000-10-14 18:05:35 and read 2504 times.

Hi B727,
My advice, fly Virgin. 3 Flights a day (I think) 2 B744 and 1 A340 flight. They are really good and have PTV's in economy.

Fly Virgin

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Oh, and whatever you do, DON'T fly United, I had to fly all the way LHR-SFO and back on a wonderful 777 but United where really bad, generally the worst airline I have flown on.

Enjoy your flight.

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: Airbus A3XX
Posted 2000-10-14 18:55:20 and read 2495 times.

I agree with you LGW, I had a flight with UA last year on HKG-BKK return and I found the room was so little that I got bakc pain after the flights.
Anyway I would avoid UA if possible

Topic: Go VS Or United
Username: SEVEN_FIFTY7
Posted 2000-10-14 19:48:17 and read 2488 times.

I flown UA on both the 777 and the 763. Once to LHR, and then once to CDG from Washington. I've also tried BA and AA.

By far, UA's 777 and 763 were BOTH extrememly comfortable and working PTVs even in economy. The interiors were immaculate and the FAs were as professional, young, and as pleasant as can be expected. The food was piping hot, filling, and very tasty.

Virgin is the VERY best though. One of the best airlines I ever flown on in my life!

As for BA and AA, well... let's just say they're both just the same identical airline. Boring, boring, BORING, with elderly fatigued grandmothers as the cabin crew. And their indifferent stone-faces didn't help either. VS & UA FAs tend to have more personality and life than either BA and AA.

Go with Virgin or United. Stay away from dry, cold BA and AA.

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: B727
Posted 2000-10-14 20:31:23 and read 2486 times.

Thanks for the help sounds like Virgin is the way to go (coach)
I plan on taking the train to JFK from SYR. too much to fly to JFK.


Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: AA@DFW
Posted 2000-10-15 02:59:11 and read 2456 times.

Well, AA operates the 777 out of JFK to LHR -- I might be inclinded to go with them. The 777 is a great plane and they have the PTVs on them -- also the adjustable headrests and "more room throughout coach" -- makes the flight significantly more comfortable.


Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: XQF
Posted 2000-10-15 04:04:44 and read 2440 times.

British Airways has the Next Generation product on ALL flights LHR-JFK (ie NOT LHR-EWR /LGW-JFK)

The Next Generation aircraft feauture...


New Club World
The ONLY business class in the world with fully flat beds like First Class, and the only rear facing seats in the world!!!! (at the window seats)

New World Traveller Plus
The "Forth Cabin" 32 seats on the 747 with standard business class seats, more room and service but not much more than a normal Y ticket

New World Traveller
The new economy cabin, with PTV's, enhanced seats with "wings" headreats and the new cabin colours of raspberry and french blue (replacing the green and pink)


British Airways. The World's Favourite Airline

Topic: Good Choise
Username: LGW
Posted 2000-10-15 11:41:32 and read 2414 times.

Good choice B727 , enjoy your flight

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: Airmale
Posted 2000-10-15 12:05:36 and read 2414 times.

Virgin Atlantic 

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: VirginA340
Posted 2000-10-16 07:52:50 and read 2390 times.

Virgin hands down.

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: Agrodemm
Posted 2000-10-16 08:14:42 and read 2390 times.

Hello Everybody,

Some comments: Usualy, the eastbound flights are evening flights that arrive early in the morning in LHR.

So instead of asking for IFE it would be wiser to ask for which airline has most room, so as to be able to get some sleep.

I wouldn't pay a premium to go for a 777 with PTV's and then spent most of the time sleeping. Neither I would take the early afternoon flight so as to arrive in LHR at 6 am.........

I have mentioned it many times: I traveled with Icelandair last spring, from JFK to LHR (nad vv). Unbeatable price, ($250) good service, I slept ok, and arrived 11 am in London........

My 2 c


Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: Greggj
Posted 2000-10-20 20:02:48 and read 2365 times.

BA's new Club World is HIGHLY overrated. The seats are strange and the cabin crew was not familiar with how to use them. DO face your neighbor if you don't use the privacy guard (it's like a fan).

I prefer the 'cradle' seats anyday.

So, if you're going Biz...stick with VS.
If you're going economy...either UA or VS.

Topic: RE: Best JFK/LHR Service
Username: ContinentalEWR
Posted 2000-10-20 20:12:26 and read 2362 times.

Definitely Virgin Atlantic.


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