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Topic: Question For Alpine Flyers
Username: Rev3oh2
Posted 2006-11-21 04:14:36 and read 3153 times.

This photo appeared today on by photographer Bianca Renz, who snapped it on a Condor flight over the Alps. Just to the right of the wing is a mountain lake, and if you enlarge the photo you'll see what appears to be a very high altitude dam. Not being familiar with runoff management procedures in the Alps, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where this dam is located, if it's a common occurrence to find these structures, or if this is a rarity. I'm not sure the photographer even noticed it in the photo.

Link to the photo:

Even if no one can identify this location, it's an interesting photo.

Topic: RE: Question For Alpine Flyers
Username: ElmoTheHobo
Posted 2006-11-21 04:56:46 and read 3141 times.

I couldn't tell you where this is, but I've run into a couple of these structures hiking in the Alpes in the Swiss Canton of Valais (Wallis).

These are pretty common, they help control water flow into the valley during the spring and summer melting. A number of these are used as hydroelectric plants as well. The dam in Goldeneye for example, which is near Lugano, holds back water and generates electricity. Many of the smaller dams are dry from August to March/April only to fill up during the spring/early summer.

At first it looked like the lake at the base of Les Dents du Midi across from Champéry, which is a few kilometers from the Swiss-French border It can't be as the valley is too narrow to be the Rhone river valley.

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