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Topic: What Aircraft For AN/ANZ?
Username: VH-BZF
Posted 2000-11-06 05:10:34 and read 1956 times.

In a recent interview Air New Zealand-Ansett Chairman Sir Selwyn Cushing stated that the group required about 7 more aircraft on top of the current 11 they have on order.

Does anyone know what aircraft type those 11 are on order? It has been clearly stated that ANZ want to expand Ansett International (there is talk of Frankfurt/Nagoya/Tokyo (when the new runway is built)/London etc), into a credible force to battle Qantas. So are these aircraft on order B747's or B767's or what?
Ansett (domestic) has two ex BM B737-300's arriving soon, but they are domestic aircraft!

Be interested in your thoughts if you know?


Topic: RE: What Aircraft For AN/ANZ?
Username: Tullamarine
Posted 2000-11-06 05:25:45 and read 1944 times.

I believe the 11 aircraft are as follows:

1 X 733 (secondhand) to NZ domestic
2 X 733 (secondhand) to AN domestic
1 X 763 (new) to NZ International
7 X 777s or 744s (ex SQ) most for AN International

On top of this it is believed NZ will transfer 3 or 4 763s to service with AN domestic.

Realistically this may all be rubbish as I can't believe Gary Toomey would have accepted the CEO role if a whole lot of fleet decisions were going to be made before he got there.

Topic: RE: What Aircraft For AN/ANZ?
Username: B744
Posted 2000-11-06 05:26:00 and read 1945 times.

There was some information published a few weeks ago. Hope it is of help to you. Try the following:


Topic: RE: What Aircraft For AN/ANZ?
Username: VirginFlyer
Posted 2000-11-06 07:05:32 and read 1935 times.

There was some talk of the 777 being ordered by ANZ to replace its 742s filling the gap between the 763s and the 744s. I got hold of a small brochure promoting this when the 777 stopped on its world tour in AKL, back in 95, I think it was. They would definitely be welcome on ANZ's Asian routes. ANZ's latest annual report talked of "Integrated ownership widening the range of aircraft available for deployment across the Air New Zealand - Ansett Australia networks" take from that what you will. However, it doesnt say anything about expansion

I did read somewhere though that while Airbus was developing the A3XX, it spoke with a group of airlines, one of which was rumoured to be Air New Zealand. So, perhaps ANZ will get a couple of the big beasts. Chances are, though, that we will see some fluidity inside ANZ and AN, and perhaps with SIA as well...

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