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Topic: TG 772
Username: CNS
Posted 2000-11-03 18:07:16 and read 1109 times.

I am just wondering about the seat configuration of TG's 772. Is is 3-4-3! The seats have to be very narrow, I think or am I wrong?. The last summer these aitcrafts only flow routes up to 5 hours (Hong Kong, Seoul.....) But I noticed in their latest timetable that they fly with the 772 to FRA. (Flight 920) Duration: 11 h 20 ---- with that configuration???!!! The configuration of their 773's is much better : 3-3-3.

What do you think??

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Kaitak
Posted 2000-11-03 18:32:05 and read 1066 times.

I agree, although I didn't see anything about the 777 in the Winter timetable (the OAG for Nov says 743, but a 773 is quite conceivable later on in the season; it has the range for FRA-BKK, I think.

Anyway, I am not quite sure how the 772 fits in. It is about the same size as the 330, yet fits in about 30 more passengers - in a very much more cramped configuration, that includes 2-4-2 in Business Class!! (that's the same as the 330 has in Economy). Could never really work that one out. The problem is that if they revert to a civilised configuration, they end up with an aircraft of the same size as the 330, in which case there'd be no point in the 772.

My guess is that the 772 is probably intended for relatively short, high density trunk routes where the configuration is not quite so important and 8 abreast on a 777 wouldn't be ALL that bad to endure!

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Lxlgu
Posted 2000-11-03 19:31:20 and read 1051 times.

Hi all!
Thai definitely only operate 743 and 744 into FRA
I doubt they would operate 777 on this route

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Airbus A3XX
Posted 2000-11-04 15:18:38 and read 1022 times.

I think EK's 777-200s are also 3-4-3 configurated? Correct me if I am wrong.

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Tg 747-300
Posted 2000-11-04 15:30:17 and read 1018 times.

Tg don't opperates the 743 into FRA, but the 744 and 777 (772 according to the timetable)

I have flown the Tg 772 on the BKK-HKT run last year, and the seats wasn't that narrow, but it was very limited space under the seats. It was very difficult to put a bag under the seat because the seat leg's ver so big. It had also maybe a little less seat pitch than other Tg A/c, but it had cool adjustable "wings" on top of the seat. The Tg772 also had very spacious lavatories.

Tg 747-300

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Thai747
Posted 2000-11-04 17:13:11 and read 1011 times.

The longest route TG's 777-200s fly is BKK - NRT ( not SEL since the 772 flight is done through HKG and A300-600 for the direct flight ) Most probably the 772 in the timetable was a typo for the 773s as they are flown on some intercontinental routes.

The Thai government only approved TG to utilize the 772s on Asian and Domestic routes - therefore it's impossible for the 772s to be flying all the way to FRA.

Topic: EK 772s
Username: TurbineBeaver
Posted 2000-11-04 17:28:35 and read 1010 times.


Yeah, you are right. I was on Emirates last week and was dissapointed that he 777 (my third 777 flight!!!)
was 3-4-3, the aisles are so narrow that those standard pully bags that everyone has don't go adn you have to carry them. Luckily my flight was fairly empty though.


Topic: RE: Lxlgu
Username: CNS
Posted 2000-11-04 21:11:21 and read 997 times.

No, thats wrong!
Look in their latest timetable and you will see that they fly 744, 773 and 772 to FRA!

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Avion
Posted 2000-11-04 21:27:07 and read 996 times.

The 777s that Thai has are the non -ER version and therefore dont have the range to do FRA-BKK. The 777-300 does also not have the range to to FRA-BKK.

So they wont fly any 777s to FRA anytime soon.


Topic: RE: Ba 3-4-3
Username: Ahlfors
Posted 2000-11-04 21:31:07 and read 993 times.

I flew a BA 777 LGW-ANU-LGW and it was in a 3-4-3 config. The flight in was 9 hours and it was really cramped. They squezzed 383 passenger in the plane, with business class.

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Fanoftristars
Posted 2000-11-04 21:32:57 and read 995 times.

Remember that the 772 is wider by I think 22 inches than the A330 so when it is configured in the 3-4-3 layout, it has the same seat width as a A330 with 2-4-2 layout which is I think 17inches. The A330 may have wider isles with this layout, which is also a plus, but the seat with is the same. in 3-3-3 layout, the 777 has 17.9 seat width at least on AA and wider isles.

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Avion
Posted 2000-11-04 22:31:52 and read 996 times.

Swissair A330 seat has 17.6 inches width.


Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: CNS
Posted 2000-11-05 20:32:31 and read 980 times.

Don't tell silly things, avion!!
Look in their latest timetable!! There you will see that they fly both 772 and 773 from Phuket via BKK to FRA.
Please , just have a look!
By the way, do you have their latest timetable or why are you that sure that they don't fly 777's to FRA???

Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Avion
Posted 2000-11-06 23:01:44 and read 960 times.

I checked again. No sign of a 777 to FRA.


Topic: RE: TG 772
Username: Avion
Posted 2000-11-06 23:06:03 and read 959 times.

The flight changes equipment in BKK. There passengers transfer to a Thai or LH 747.

The 777-200 non ER and 777-300 do not have the range to do BKK-FRA nonstop without severe payload restrictions.


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