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Topic: Help Please
Username: GKirk
Posted 2000-11-12 10:39:39 and read 1400 times.

Im soon to visit some relatives and i havent decided where to catch a connecting flight from, I could take a BA flight to LHR, AF to CDG, KLM Uk to AMS, SN to BRU or BA to CPH. Can anyone advise me on what to take and what flight and a/c I would get from these places, at the moment Im thinking of going via LHR.

Topic: RE: Help Please
Username: SRA330-223
Posted 2000-11-12 11:10:27 and read 1377 times.

Well, just a question ! Where is your departure and arrival airport ??? If you do not where you board and deboard the aircraft there is no one who could help you finding the best route for travel !


Topic: RE: Help Please
Username: GKirk
Posted 2000-11-12 22:12:19 and read 1350 times.

departure airport= Newcastle,NCL,UK
arrival airport= Los Angeles Int, LAX, USA
My apologies for this immature mistake , LOL.

Topic: RE: Help Please
Username: Scotty
Posted 2000-11-12 22:16:47 and read 1346 times.

go via AMS - catch a few hours with your camera on the obs deck.

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