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Topic: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: Sonic
Posted 2000-11-19 00:57:29 and read 1906 times.

I thought that Pan Am is gone, but I I found these photos (taken in year 2000)

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Photo © David Hill

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Photo © Andrew Povey

Topic: RE: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: Matt D
Posted 2000-11-19 01:02:41 and read 1879 times.

Blessed young novice. Worry not.
You are not imagining things, nor have been misinformed. That Pan Am you are seeing is indeed real.
It is the third airline to bear that name. I'm not sure where thy are based, but it is a new airline ran by an old fat, obese guy named David Fink (I would think that any airline ran by a guy named Fink would be a red flag for trouble) running on some prestigious routes such as Gary, Indiana, Portsmouth, NH, Sanford, FL, and so on.

The original Chosen Instrument Pan Am Clippers stopped flying on Dec 04, 1991.

Pan Am II was started in 1996 by Marty Shugrue, of Eastern Airlines heritage. They flew LAX-MIA-JFK, using A300's. That airline must've got food poisoning because they died right after they swallowed Carnival Airlines.

Topic: Correction
Username: Matt D
Posted 2000-11-19 01:06:44 and read 1869 times.

I stated that David Fink was an old, fat obese guy.

I stand corrected. The statement should've read:

" old, BALD obese guy."

Sorry for the redundant wording and incomplete information.

Topic: RE: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: Keithpilot
Posted 2000-11-19 04:30:02 and read 1846 times.

Matt D-
Pan Am is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH. (and Dave Fink is my uncle.)


Topic: Pan Am
Username: Sonic
Posted 2000-11-19 12:29:22 and read 1812 times.

So this Pan Am fly only shorhaul and have small fleet (how many planes?), but the first Pan Am was longhaul, I thing and how many planes they had?

Topic: RE: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: Ceilidh
Posted 2000-11-19 16:26:13 and read 1801 times.

Actually, when I vitited Pan Am at PSM back in August (and met with Dave Fink) I have to say that I was pretty impressed by them. Not an outfit to waste money - my view is that they will probably last at least as long as Pan Am 1.

Their choice of routes is inspired - unlike most other startups, they have no competition (especially from the majors) and go to the cities people live, rather than work. There's a very important difference there!

Topic: RE: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: Watewate
Posted 2000-11-19 19:15:58 and read 1781 times.

I'm just curious as to how they got the rights to the name Pan Am? I'm just not comfortable seeing Pan Am- the undisputed leader of its day (like SQ), is flying 727s out of municipal airports.

They should be stripped of their name! j/k. Glad to hear that they are doing well, though.

Topic: RE: Pan Am: Bankrupted Or Not?
Username: N202PA
Posted 2000-11-19 21:40:17 and read 1771 times.

Pan Am III has 7 727-200s, with various hushkit systems. Three of the aircraft have the winglets that PA is now known for in the aviation community.

Additionally, GTS purchased the assets of PAII from bankruptcy in 1998; the PA name was purchased by a group headed by former PA management head Marty Shugrue, who ran the new airline as a discount carrier flying A300s from Miami to New York and Los Angeles. The airline dramatically expanded its route map and purchased financially ailing Carnival Airlines, but the wake of the ValuJet crash damaged PA's reputation, and bills mounted. PAII went bankrupt in February of 1998. Mellon's organization picked up the name and logo and started the operation we see today.

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