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Topic: "New" Brazilian Airlines
Username: Planenutz
Posted 2000-12-03 07:22:18 and read 1591 times.

Does anybody have the details about the Brazilian start-ups popping up lately? These would include Fly and Viabrasil, both 727 operators with flights out of GIG and GRU.

Any info. would be appreciated.

Topic: RE:
Username: Dellatorre
Posted 2000-12-03 12:55:58 and read 1578 times.

Fly and ViaBrasil are charter airlines that now our offering some "cheap" regular services from GRU and GIG to NE of Brazil, cities such as Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, and so on. There is also a flight from gru to gig operated by FLY, which is very cheap.

ViaBrasil is a NE brazil airline that link those cities to GRU. It only has 1 727-200
FLY has 2 727-200.
For sure they donĀ“t have any intend to spread out in Brazil.

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