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Topic: Re:- SQ25/26 FRA-SIN
Username: Airsnaps
Posted 2000-12-04 09:42:33 and read 2446 times.

Hi there!

On Wednesday I'm off to Singapore from Frankfurt on the SQ25/26 service which is operated by the B747-400.

Has anybody ever flown this route before?

I'm in First Class too! Can't wait!

I'll let you know how it all goes!


Paul -

Topic: RE: Re:- SQ25/26 FRA-SIN
Username: Hailstone
Posted 2000-12-04 10:08:31 and read 2423 times.

enjoy !

Topic: RE: Re:- SQ25/26 FRA-SIN
Username: Na
Posted 2000-12-04 10:51:00 and read 2417 times.

Even if you´re not going First Class it´ll be a great flight. I flew exactly that route on a holiday trip and it was the best longdistance flight in Economy I´ve ever had.

Topic: RE: Re:- SQ25/26 FRA-SIN
Username: SIA fan
Posted 2000-12-04 17:13:09 and read 2402 times.

I've flown SQ 25/26 JFK-FRA- SIN exactly 13 times since 1996. The service were always excellent even on economy class. I'm sure you will have a great flight, enjoy!

Topic: RE: Re:- SQ25/26 FRA-SIN
Username: Singapore_Air
Posted 2000-12-04 17:22:56 and read 2397 times.

Make sure you get the stewardesses to do the bed while you get undressed in the toilet. And when you wake up, get some caviar.

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