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Topic: AA/TW MD-80 Question
Username: Ckfred
Posted 2007-05-07 06:15:57 and read 3707 times.

I flew on a former TW MD-80 last December from ORD to ATL. Other than the galley carts having TWA logos, the plane's cabin looked like every AA MD-80 that I've flown on the last 6 years or so.

Last week, I flew ORD-TPA-ORD on 2 former TW MD-80s. Unlike the other ex-TW MD-80, these planes didn't have the adjustable headrests. They had the old TW seats recovered in AA's blue seat covers, although the walls, carpeting, and bulkheads were standard AA, and first class had the seats with adjustable headrests.

How come all former TW MD-80s have the standard AA coach seats? Will they ever get them? I really like the adjustable headrests, and I wound up taking the blanket and stuffing it behind my head just to get comfortable.

Topic: RE: AA/TW MD-80 Question
Username: TrijetsRMissed
Posted 2007-05-07 06:37:36 and read 3679 times.

The nice TW MD-83's with the headrests and such are very new aircraft, built between 1997-99. I have flown on these on the ORD-west coast runs and they are very nice. The Mad Dogs you mentioned on the TPA run were most likely the ex-TW MD-82's that were built circa 1983. I have fortunately not been on one of these but my guess is they will not be renovated as they will be among the first to leave the fleet when more 738's start arriving in 2009.

Topic: RE: AA/TW MD-80 Question
Username: BigJimFX
Posted 2007-05-07 09:51:21 and read 3584 times.

Quoting TrijetsRMissed (Reply 1):

It's possible, though AA is planning on renovating a lot of their MD-80's in the near future. The new lease on the old DL hanger at DFW will only speed up this process.

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