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Topic: History Of SAA And The A330?
Username: B742
Posted 2007-05-16 16:41:24 and read 3996 times.

South African Airways (SAA) once had a total of four Airbus A330-200s in their fleet.

They were flown during these periods and came from TAM and Bmi.

A330-223 - PT-MVA of TAM - 2003/04
A330-223 - PT-MVB of TAM - 2003/04
A330-243 - G-WWBD of Bmi - 2002/03
A330-243 - G-WWBB of Bmi - 2002/03

Why did SAA lease these aircraft from TAM and Bmi respectively. I know that SAA subleased the A330s from Bmi, was this also the case with TAM?

What routes were the A332s used on; I gather JNB-ZRH/MXP/LHR, but were there any more?

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Photo © Daniel jahn
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Photo © Snorre - VAP

The Bmi (RR) powered A330 was painted in full SAA colours and looked amazing. The two TAM (PW) planes were painted in all white with only SAA titles.

Why was the lease taken out, and why didn't SAA opt for the A330?

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Topic: RE: History Of SAA And The A330?
Username: OceansWorld
Posted 2007-05-16 16:56:43 and read 3970 times.

Some previous thread on that topic for a start.


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Topic: RE: History Of SAA And The A330?
Username: Swissgabe
Posted 2007-05-16 18:18:11 and read 3886 times.

Former topics stat that the lease was a wet-lease. In fact only the cockpit crew was from JJ, cabin crew was SA only.

The product at that time on the lease 332 was better compared to the 342. In Y you had PTVs and in C the product was also better compared to the old Business class on the SA 342. If not mistaken, the two TAM planes had also a F class product which has been sold as C.

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