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Topic: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: Eastern023
Posted 2007-06-11 20:07:00 and read 3423 times.

Does anyone remember PA FF program?. Can someone tell me more details. Airline partners, images of FF cards?. Where was the program based out of?. What city, I believe was somewhere in Northern, Virginia.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: Panamair
Posted 2007-06-11 20:34:31 and read 3382 times.

Still have my WorldPass Platinum card! Yes, the service center was out of Alexandria VA I believe. It took only 30,000 miles a year to reach the top level - Platinum. Back in the day, there weren't that many partners...AA was a partner a brief while, as was UA (a semi-partner, around the time of the route purchases). They pretty much had complimentary domestic upgrades for Platinums X hours before departure, as well as international upgrades from any Y fare.

They also had a fantastic award for either 120K or 150K (I forget) where you could get 2 Free First Class tickets on Pan Am for 30 days to fly all around Pan Am's world (this was before the Pacific route sale even, so you could practically go to six continents on PA on this award).

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: AeroWesty
Posted 2007-06-11 20:39:45 and read 3371 times.

Republic was also a partner in the early days.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: Laxintl
Posted 2007-06-11 21:07:37 and read 3331 times.

Yes I was a Platinum flyer as well, however I seem to remember the mileage requirement was 50,000miles, or at least during the late 80s when I qualified for several years.

Best benefit of the Platinum was free unlimited upgrades to next class of service. Certainly was a yield dilution in my book as several people I knew would purchase economy tickets and enjoy Clipper Class service cross country and overseas.

WorldPass also indeed had many generous(seemingly low mileage) awards. I remember gifting Clipper Class tickets to Europe for many members of my family.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: Spartanmjf
Posted 2007-06-11 21:42:45 and read 3272 times.

When PA disappeared I had over 100K banked in WorldPass. The initial advertising was, IIRC, "The World's Richest Frequent Flier Program."

I LOVED the Clipper Class upgrades transatlantic.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: MSYtristar
Posted 2007-06-11 22:09:36 and read 3220 times.

They had free Economy tickets starting at 20,000 least towards the end. I have an old timetable from 1989 stating as such.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: Skyguy
Posted 2007-06-11 22:20:10 and read 3193 times.

They also had a benefit for all WorldPass members who could choose special gourmet meals on international routes. I flew FRA-LHR-JFK and at the time of reservation or X hours before departure, you could select a meal from a fairly large choice of what you would like to eat on board and it would be served to you as a special meal. Some of the slections included beef stroganoff with wild rice, poacded salmon with vegetables, etc.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: N202PA
Posted 2007-06-11 22:22:42 and read 3186 times.

Quoting Eastern023 (Thread starter):

Alexandria, VA was the Worldpass office location. My mother worked out of the Worldpass office from the time they moved into VA (mid-80s) until the airline's shutdown in 1991, after having moved from the DC office, where she'd worked another decade or so.

Topic: RE: Pan Am Worlpass FF Program
Username: 787KQ
Posted 2007-06-12 14:40:18 and read 2969 times.

And only 40,000 miles needed to fly to Africa. Wow!!

It was a great program for passengers. Long live Pan Am!

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