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Topic: JetBlue Launches BOS-AUA/SAN Today
Username: ThirteenRight
Posted 2007-06-28 18:31:54 and read 3024 times.


JetBlue Airways kicks off another round of expansion with the Logan International Airport launch of service to two new destinations - San Diego and Aruba.

JebBlue said it will operate one daily nonstop flight to San Diego from Boston, beginning today.

On Saturday, the airline said it is set to launch one weekly nonstop flight, on Saturdays, to Aruba.

Beginning Nov. 5, flights to Aruba will expand to operate three times weekly - on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, JetBlue said.
(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

Topic: RE: JetBlue Launches BOS-AUA/SAN Today
Username: JetBluefan1
Posted 2007-06-28 18:42:13 and read 2996 times.

I hear the SAN flight is sold out in both directions today and that bookings look very strong. BOS-AUA is also supposedly having very healthy bookings. It's nice that the route will be upgraded to 3x/week this upcming winter. Both routes should perform very, very well.


Topic: RE: JetBlue Launches BOS-AUA/SAN Today
Username: SANFan
Posted 2007-06-28 20:39:25 and read 2907 times.

A very exciting expansion by Blue at Lindbergh! I can see this going 2x daily fairly soon, as did JFK when it was started. (And B6 could probably chase AA off the route as, at least as portrayed here on by some, they seem very tenuous and pessimistic about sticking with it once competition starts.)

I notice that B6 is scheduling this new BOS flight, for tonight anyway, at a totally different gate (23) than their usual territory (37 or 38); this expansion will see 2 Blue-tails scheduled at the terminal at the same time. I always assumed they would somehow manage to use adjacent gates (37 and 38) but things are pretty crowded at Lindbergh at 9 PM-ish. Or, maybe they have some ceremony planned that's better suited over at T2East...

Anyway, it's wonderful to see 5 departures (and arrivals) listed for B6!
(Just captured from Arrivals and Departures at

JB 181 Arrival New York (Kennedy) 38 11:55:00 AM On Time
JB 182 Departure New York (Kennedy) 38 12:50:00 PM On Time
JB 183 Arrival New York (Kennedy) 38 1:44:00 PM On Time
JB 184 Departure New York (Kennedy) 38 2:40:00 PM On Time
JB 185 Arrival New York (Kennedy) 38 9:35:00 PM On Time
JB 186 Departure New York (Kennedy) 38 9:10:00 PM On Time
JB 309 Arrival Washington DC (Dulles) 38 8:14:00 PM On Time
JB 316 Departure Washington DC (Dulles) 38 10:50:00 PM On Time
JB 411 Arrival Boston (Logan) Int Airp 23 8:35:00 PM On Time
JB 412 Departure Boston (Logan) Int Airp 23 9:30:00 PM On Time

(And a 6th flight coming soon -- from SLC.  Smile )


Topic: RE: JetBlue Launches BOS-AUA/SAN Today
Username: RwSEA
Posted 2007-06-28 20:57:00 and read 2886 times.

Good news for these communities, but I don't envy the passengers flying to AUA. That airport is completely packed on Saturdays - last time I got there 3 hours before my flight and still had to be rushed through security by airline personnel. They were improving the USA-departures building last time I was there, but every additional Saturday flight contributes further to the mayhem at that place. Hopefully they'll sort it all out soon.

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