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Topic: NY Times Chimes In On JFK Delays
Username: Nycfly75
Posted 2007-07-13 15:22:35 and read 3117 times.

Some Fair Use Excepts:

"The main cause was a federal decision at the start of the year to remove the limit at Kennedy on the number of arrivals and departures between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Not surprisingly, airlines rushed to offer new flights, quickly clogging the airspace, runways, taxiways and gates at Kennedy. In many cases, smaller regional jets that seat only up to 70 passengers account for many of the new flights, yet the demands they place on air traffic controllers are similar to those of larger jets."

"In the case of Delta, flights on smaller regional jets account for about 61 percent of Delta’s departures to 86 cities from Kennedy."

"International carriers, which bunch their departures for Europe and the Middle East at night, are also frustrated because their jumbo jets must also jockey with regional jets on the taxiways."

"The Port Authority is trying to persuade the airlines to cut the number of flights and use larger jets by reminding them of how delays affect their bottom line."

Topic: RE: NY Times Chimes In On JFK Delays
Username: Revelation
Posted 2007-07-13 15:27:56 and read 3106 times.

What a silly system we have where the users can drive the system to overcapacity, and the system does nothing to prevent this from happening. It only ends up generating frustration on everyones part, and can be shown to increase odds of an accident occurring.

Topic: RE: NY Times Chimes In On JFK Delays
Username: LipeGIG
Posted 2007-07-13 16:54:47 and read 3010 times.

JFK is facing the same problem of Brazil nowadays: lack of capacity because of bad management of resources, too many flights where it's not possible !

And airlines do this to protect themselves, as in the near future, with slot restrictions, they can just replace a regional jet with widebodies and get advantage as will be costly to obtain good slots at JFK in the near future.


Topic: RE: NY Times Chimes In On JFK Delays
Username: Mir
Posted 2007-07-13 16:58:25 and read 2996 times.

Already being discussed in this thread:

USA Today Article On JFK And NYC Traffic Problems (by JetBluefan1 Jul 10 2007 in Civil Aviation)

Yes, the title says USAToday, but the Times article was brought up too.


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