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Topic: Lufthansa At LAX
Username: Planenutz
Posted 2000-12-28 00:34:17 and read 1631 times.

While transiting through LAX this past weekend I noticed that Lufthansa has moved back to the Tom Bradley International Terminal from United's Terminal 7

I thought that the whole idea of LH and UA sharing facilities was to bring these two Star Alliance powerhouses closer together? What's up?

Topic: RE: Lufthansa At LAX
Username: B-787
Posted 2000-12-28 06:48:08 and read 1573 times.

They would have to for customs.

Topic: RE: Lufthansa At LAX
Username: Loserkid182
Posted 2000-12-28 06:56:37 and read 1566 times.

Lufthansa was in United international terminal 6 at LAX, so they did have a customs area. That more likely isnt the reason Lufthansa moved to the TBIT...

Topic: RE: Lufthansa At LAX
Username: LAXINTL
Posted 2000-12-31 07:15:24 and read 1518 times.

The official reason that LH moved away from UA at LAX to the TBIT terminal is that UA needs every gate they can get their hands on at LAX, and handling LH took up 1 widebody gate for long periods of time during the afternoon and evening.
If UA/Star Alliance had its wish they would like all carriers under one roof, however considering how busy some of the carriers especially Mexicana and Air Canada are at LAX this wish is unlikely to ever happen in the near future.
Unofficially LH is quite happy to be back to self handling at LAX, as they felt UA's service levels were not quite up to LH requirements.

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