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Topic: ABX 762F 25th Anniversary Question
Username: Iowa744Fan
Posted 2007-09-10 21:33:36 and read 2115 times.


In the past month, I have noticed that the ABX/DHL 762F that is sitting on the ground at PHX in the afternoons has had the 25th anniversary sticker applied to it. Can anyone (hopefully someone with ABX or someone familiar with them) tell me if only one bird:

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Photo © Nathan Zalcman - AirTeamImages

has this decal or if there are a few and only one is shown on this site.

Thank you.

Topic: RE: ABX 762F 25th Anniversary Question
Username: Wjcandee
Posted 2007-09-11 04:16:51 and read 2039 times.

It's only the one bird, N792AX. Take a look at the last page of the employee newsletter here:

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