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Topic: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: Klik
Posted 2001-01-05 22:12:31 and read 1226 times.

I just got back from my student travel shop after booking a flight on Aer Lingus leaving LHR at 1005, arriving DUB 1120, then leaving DUB 1300. Have I gone mad?? Not really!

I had a free ticket (actually, unused from last year) which was about to expire, and as I've very little time whilst I'm in London, I decided to go just for the flight.

My question to all of you: has anyone else done this? I was told I may have some problems at the airport ("How long are you staying for???"). Any comments?



Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: DeltaSFO
Posted 2001-01-05 22:16:12 and read 1182 times.

Never done it internationally, but with travel benefits, it's hard not to make day trips to different places. Been to LAX, PDX, SEA, LAS, and lots of two day trips around the country. Lotsa fun!

Good luck.


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Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: JaseWGTN
Posted 2001-01-05 23:28:51 and read 1161 times.

I go to Australia from New Zealand many times just for the day, and never have a problem.

I was in Melbourne on Dec 22nd the lady at customs remarked that there were many people just coming for the day these days

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: EI133
Posted 2001-01-06 22:54:47 and read 1141 times.

Question for klik what did you think of Dublin Airport as I am Dublin based and did you fly British Midland or Aer Lingus and what did you think of the flight and flight service.EI 133

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: VH-EBV
Posted 2001-01-07 05:59:37 and read 1119 times.

Shouldn't be any problems at Dublin airport. There is no formal passport control for UK - Ireland flights although there can be security checks occasionally. So you probably won't be asked any questions regarding your stay. If you do get asked, just tell them what you're doing and show your return ticket...


Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: Ambasaid
Posted 2001-01-07 06:44:06 and read 1114 times.

I suppose that i will be rude..... kilk, what passport do you hold and whats the colour of your skin?

Ireland is suffering from a refugee problem, they have therefore increased the security on arrival even from London. If you look the part, they wont bother you, if you dont, you can expect to answer some questions.

I regularly travel this route with Arab friends, they are invariably stopped EVERYTIME.

Apart from that, i hope that you enjoy Ireland, the Guinness at the airport is quite good, PLUS European airlines still allow passengers access to the cockpit, be polite and ask!

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: ILUV767
Posted 2001-01-07 08:55:18 and read 1110 times.


I non-rev all of the time. Two weeks ago, I took a "joyride" down to SNA from SFO. I was on the same aircraft both ways. I was at SNA for an hour and a half.

Usually for flying turns, I spend no more than 3 hours at the destination airport.

Next week, I'm going to try to fly from SFO-LAS, LAS-ORD, ORD-SFO or SJC. The LAS-ORD segamnt is going to be done in a DC-10. From ORD to SFO, I want to take a 767 or a 777. I need to fly on more widebodys. Last year, I got a 777, 767, and a 744 and a bunch of babys...if you get what I mean.

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: Dstc47
Posted 2001-01-07 09:42:12 and read 1107 times.

Why the hell not.

Many years ago some student friends of mine who had unlimited standby tickets in the USA were running short of money. They used to take trips somewhere every day as
1. It is relatively hard to spend any money on a plane and,

2. They also got free meals (Yes there was food on aircraft then, Virginia).

Choice of destination from what we would now call a hub, but that had not been invented then either, was determined by food service.

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: Klik
Posted 2001-01-07 21:13:58 and read 1095 times.

Thank you all for the information. I do look forward to going; I only wish I'd enough time to make a trip to Temple Bar for some pints! Could anybody give me an estimate of how long it would take me to go from the airport to O'Connell street (I'm thinking with Aircoach)? I can still alter my ticket, and may decide to go long enough for a quick look at the centre of Dublin again.

EI 133,
I had previously flown CityFlyerExpress from LGW to DUB, and found Dublin to be a great airport to get around; small, yet international. Aesthetically, pier C is nice, but the rest isn't too great, though not an eyesore. I would love to transfer from Europe to Toronto through that airport (with the most authentic Guiness in the world); if only Aer Lingus served YYZ .

Although I believe that is exteremely unfair, I can't say I haven't seen it. Myself, I hold a Canadian and a Greek passport; I've never had any problems getting into Europe (be it UK, Ireland, France, Netherland, Belgium or Greece).



Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: EI133
Posted 2001-01-07 21:51:04 and read 1091 times.

You can zip into the city centre in about 25 mins on the express coach from outside the arrivals hall. Coaches depart every fifteen minutes and you can purchase your ticket on board the coach.It would be well worth it to look around Dublin as it is buzzing at the moment.Ta suil agam go meidh turas deas agat.EI 133.

Topic: RE: LHR-DUB-LHR In A Few Hours.
Username: Ambasaid
Posted 2001-01-08 04:57:21 and read 1076 times.

Use either of those passports and they cant touch you, unfortunately i wouldnt be surprised if they stopped you. The downside of the Emerald Tiger.....

Change your return flight and enjoy Dublin, Temple Bar is an excellent place to spend the afternoon.

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