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Topic: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: Jon C
Posted 2001-01-09 09:51:37 and read 1025 times.

i was just watching the news today, and they mentioned that some victims of DVT are going to court in Australia to sue some airlines eg. BA,AC,SQ,(and a whole bunch of others) watching this piece of news reminded me when i took a NW flight from SIN-NRT-LAX.. i have been air-sick since young and would throw up whenever im on the plane, and i like to just stay in my seat throughout the flight as i would feel like sh**.. i also wouldnt drink or eat anything as my body would reject any type of food no matter what.. so i didnt consume(including beverages) anything for 23++ hours or so..
They said in the report that drinking lotsa liquids help, but i dont, so will there be a chance of me getting DVT when i go on long haul flights in the future?

Topic: RE: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: Iahcsr
Posted 2001-01-09 10:18:02 and read 1002 times.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have flown on long haul flights over the last 30 years and only a handful have ever developed this problem. I would say you have a better chance of a auto accident on the way to the airport.

Topic: RE: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: HaanZ
Posted 2001-01-09 12:31:33 and read 995 times.

Hi Jon C,

Looking at your age, I can reassure you that you are not at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

You have to remain sitting still/bed resting for prolonged periods of time (talking days/weeks here) before DVT becomes an issue. So, elderly people who may not be as active and mobile as you would have a greater chance of getting DVT.

As mentioned in the post above, the risk of dying in a car accident on your way to the airport is way higher than you dying from DVT.


Topic: Yes You Will Get It....
Username: JETPILOT
Posted 2001-01-09 14:54:27 and read 987 times.

and you will die. And after you die they will put you in the bathroom so the people sitting next to you can have room to stretch out.

Topic: RE: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: UA752
Posted 2001-01-09 17:22:40 and read 972 times.

HAHAHA....good one JETPILOT!

Topic: RE: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: Singapore_Air
Posted 2001-01-09 18:53:22 and read 961 times.

Move yourself around the cabin for ten minutes on each flight and you'll be fine. At least you won't be dead.

Topic: RE: Will I Get Dvt?
Username: Englandair
Posted 2001-01-09 19:06:07 and read 955 times.

JETPILOT- You have a very sick sence of humor, but I'm LOL ! 


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