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Topic: ATL+THunerstorms
Username: Deltaflyertoo
Posted 2007-10-15 17:33:06 and read 1079 times.

Flying through ATL on Thurs evneing around 8 and see forecast for T-Storms. Is this common this time of year in ATL? COuld they be big enough to issue a ground stop? WHat time of day do they usually come about? I though they were only in like April through August.

Topic: RE: ATL+THunerstorms
Username: RL757PVD
Posted 2007-10-15 17:35:29 and read 1074 times.

Quoting Deltaflyertoo (Thread starter):
Is this common this time of year in ATL?

we've had like 0.0005 inches of rain in the past 2 months

You will be fine unless one parks right on top of the airport. Now that the 5th runway is open things are 1000% better when weather hits the area.

Topic: RE: ATL+THunerstorms
Username: ATLFlyer323
Posted 2007-10-15 17:40:37 and read 1052 times.

Quoting Deltaflyertoo (Thread starter):
Thurs evneing around 8 and see forecast for T-Storms

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! If only we could get that lucky. We are facing one of the worst drought crises in Northern Georgia right now due to lack of rain on top of poor political growth planning that has overstretched our water capacity slowly for the past 10+ years. On a related note, you will be absolutely fine, and if it is raining don't be surprised if everyone is standing outside in shock.


Topic: RE: ATL+THunerstorms
Username: LAXorLGWonDL
Posted 2007-10-15 17:56:10 and read 1001 times.

Last Tuesday (9th Oct) there were some pretty crazy storms around 4-5pm in ATL that produced (unfortunately) next to no rain. They caused some crazy delays. We were on DL 075 to LAX and when we backed up from the gate were 40th in line for take off....with about a minute or less between take offs, we were in the air faster than expected.

Best idea is to check the schedule frequently and call FlightLine for any updates.

Safe travels!

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