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Topic: Crazy China Airlines Take-Off Video
Username: UAL747
Posted 2007-12-16 14:53:28 and read 4871 times.

Just found this on YouTube and haven't seen it on here. The aircraft actually goes off the runway, but somehow manages to climb. You can see it go off when the cloud of dust comes from the main carriage.

And I just thought I'd post this one in HKG:


Topic: RE: Crazy China Airlines Take-Off Video
Username: OHLHD
Posted 2007-12-16 14:57:46 and read 4851 times.

Quoting UAL747 (Thread starter):

The first one is a bit crazy. For it seems like as if they miscalculated some numbers.... or this guy is Evil Kneevel Big grin and is the coolest MF around! Big grin

Topic: RE: Crazy China Airlines Take-Off Video
Username: EWRCabincrew
Posted 2007-12-16 14:59:18 and read 4844 times.

Was discussed here:

China Airlines here:

Video: CAL 738 Almost Overruns Runway (Takeoff) (by 797charter Oct 7 2007 in Civil Aviation)?threadid=3644936&searchid=3656805&s=china+airlines+video+takeoff#ID3656805

Mandarin Crash here:

China (Mandarin) MD11 Crash In 1999 (by Pecoua Apr 11 2004 in Civil Aviation)?threadid=1506871&searchid=1507009&s=mandarin+MD11+video#ID1507009

MD11 Crash Footage (by BFS Mar 19 2004 in Civil Aviation)?threadid=1466232&searchid=1466232&s=mandarin+MD11+video#ID1466232

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