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Topic: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Etops767
Posted 1999-08-03 07:30:40 and read 2012 times.

What do you think about UAL?are the friendly skies really that friendly?

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Ual1636
Posted 1999-08-03 07:46:11 and read 2008 times.

I think UA kicks ass. I love UA. I love evrything about UA. UA is a very good airline. I like connecting in ORD with UA. From my experience with UA, their FAs are very nice.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Adam84
Posted 1999-08-03 07:46:36 and read 2009 times.

When I flem them 4 years ago, they had excellent service, but the food was crap, I like the old livery better than their new livery, Ive heard alot of bad things about United airlines from my family, and There is also a page about them its

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Adam84
Posted 1999-08-03 07:47:18 and read 2008 times.

When I flem them 4 years ago, they had excellent service, but the food was crap, I like the old livery better than their new livery, Ive heard alot of bad things about United airlines from my family, and There is also a page about them its

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Alaska737
Posted 1999-08-03 08:04:50 and read 2009 times.

United's food is not "crap". Infact it is quite good. Everytime I have flown them I have had a wonderful expreience. Oh and by the way click once on the post button.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Purdue Cadet
Posted 1999-08-03 08:18:23 and read 2010 times.

My experience was quite the opposite - the food I had was pretty good (not exceptional - average for US carriers' lunch and mid-night snack service, based on prior experience with AA). The service in the air, however, left a lot to be desired. The ground personnel were very friendly and helpful to me, a pass traveler from another airline. The cabin crews on both flights, however, seemed colder and less professional than those on my AA flights. On my HNL-SFO flight, the lowered professionalism can be attributed to the Honolulu based crew. Don't get me wrong - I'm not bashing Hawaiians... the people I know there / met there were all very nice. Their culture, however, tends to be more laid back and less serious than that on the mainland, and it makes sense that that attitude, which is not bad, only different, would carry over to the work life of the fligt attendants.

As I posted previously, the DC-10 was pleasant to fly on, though the flight "attendants" were extremely unattentive and seemed to offer as little service as they could get away with. They spent most of the 5.5 hour flight LAX-HNL in the rear galley socializing. On the return flight HNL-SFO, the 747-400 was very uncomfortable, but service was not expected to be anything special due to the fact that it was an overnight flight. Yu can only expect so much when most of the people on board are trying to sleep. The flight to HNL was midday, and I would have expected more service on a flight that long. In all, I would say that UA was not bad. I would not refuse to fly UA in the future, though it would not be my first choice. I would probably only travel with them again if I flew back to HNL in the summer, because they have so much more mainland-Hawaii capacity than other airlines, making stand-by a much more likely option with them than with AA or other carriers.

I would be interested to see how UA's service is on normal flights, because it is obvious that they attempt to make their Hawaiian flight special, calling it "service with Aloha." The napkins, food trays, and other inflight items were obviously special to Hawaiian routes, and I'd like to see how big a difference there is between service with aloha and service without aloha. If there's much of a difference, than I'm not sure I'd want to fly UA on mainland routes.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Adam84
Posted 1999-08-03 08:19:15 and read 2008 times.

The food I got was crap, the salsbury stake was burnt to hell and you could probably play basketball with it, and sorry for pushing the button twice, ever heard of an accident, if you have a problem with something I do, come pay my bills and I will do what you tell me to do

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Ual1636
Posted 1999-08-03 08:34:01 and read 2009 times.

I think their food is great especially the breakfast. I like the food they serve from ORD. I like the new "stealth" livery better than the old one. The new one looks better i think. United is a great airline overall. They wouldnt be the biggest in the world if they werent. I think the new livery looks wonderful on the 722s.

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Topic: RE: Mixed Bag
Username: Charles802
Posted 1999-08-03 11:27:50 and read 2007 times.

Like most big organizations, their a mixed bag. The food in coach is highly variable. Sometimes good, and sometimes NOT. I get tired of their stupid breakfasts. Its either some runny omlette, some yucky French toast, or some hard dry pancakes. Dinners are sometimes quite good, however. Service in Business and First is EXCELLENT! I think they are #1 in terms of on-board entertainment (music, movies etc) also. They offer things like that cockpit channel, which you can't get on any other airline.
As far as less subjective matters, like on-time performance, they are fine. Baggage is not so fine, however. I have had luggage problems (usually minor, but still hassles) way too many times. Last year, they filed more mishandled baggage reports than any other major airline. This has been true so far this year also. I think some of this is due to the fact that they cut off letting luggage on-board the planes earlier than some airlines. If you check-in late, your luggage probably won't make it. But, all of my problems have been due to simple mistakes in handling.

Topic: RE: United Shuttle
Username: Charles802
Posted 1999-08-03 11:36:56 and read 2007 times.

United Shuttle, I feel, used to be an inferior product compared to Delta Shuttle, or US Airways Shuttle, but may be improving. Realize, too, that comparing UA Shuttle to the other two operations is not really fair, since UA Shuttle operates on the other side of the country. I failed to mention in my prior post, that all the luggage problems I have experienced on United, were on United Shuttle. Their planes are also very cramped, even in First Class. But, at least they have First Class! On-time performance has really improved. They have isolated delay prone routes like SFO-LAX from the rest of their system. They have also added two door boarding, and deplaning on certain routes. I have had some really bad customer service experiences with them, but hopefully that will improve as well.

Topic: They Sure Are
Username: TWA 727-200
Posted 1999-08-03 14:34:10 and read 2006 times.

All my experiences have been excellent on United.
The service is great. Crews friendly. Planes clean. Excellent airline

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: CV990
Posted 1999-08-03 17:06:26 and read 2007 times.

Hi United fans and non fans!

I would like to express my opinion has a foreigner. I had my first "United" experience last summer were I had the chance to fly the following trip:

Albany / Chicago - B. 727-200 - N7448U
Chicago / Denver - DC-10-10 - N1811U
Denver / Seattle - DC-10-10 - N1847U
Seattle / LAX - B. 737-300 - N349UA
Fresno / LAX - EMB 120 - N216SW ( Skywest )
LAX / JFK - B. 767-200 - N601UA

So its was a full month flying with United and feeling United. What I think is:

1 - A very good schedule - That's why I flew them, no other airline could give that "Air Pass" with less flights!

2 - Good airplanes, well maintained ( only N1811U was still with old livery but latter I knew why, it was sold to FedEx ), clean and neat.

3 - Excelent arriving times always on time!

4 - Average food! That was a great diference compared with european airlines, here we have much better food sometimes in a less time flight.

That's my opinion!

Topic: My Most Recient Flight With UA
Username: Dc-9-10
Posted 1999-08-03 17:15:52 and read 2006 times.

Well it all started at 4 in the morning at my home city then i got on a bus for my trip from fsd to iad. Got to fsd the cheak in was pretty fast for a group sort of flight then 30 minunites later were on the 722 (this was the first time i have ever had the flight attendents take the tickes on the plane. the flight was nice your regular pretzles and soda sort of flight noting to great then we araived on time in den then got to our gate for the iad run this was a 757 and the srvice was but we only got one drink on a 3 hour flight but we did get oj with our cereal. the movie was broing and the fa were nice friendly on both flights.
the flight back was alot better got on anoter 757 this time in bwi this time we got our drinks thoes snak mix and then they came with the meal and aonter drink the meal was chicken with rice a really good slad and a rice cake with no flavor it tasted like cardboard. the movie was better this time and all in all the flight was enjoyable. the last flight anoter 727 i slept all the way home but one thing bothered my at the begining of the flight the fa's didnt know what flight it was hmmmmm

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: FlyCMH
Posted 1999-08-03 17:49:17 and read 2006 times.

I have never flown United Airlines before, but my parents have flown with them on business trips a few times. My dad most recently flew UAL from CMH to ATL with a change of planes in IAD. He told me that UAL's (operated by ACA-Atlantic Coast Airlines) CRJ service to IAD was very good. He also told me the A319 he took to ATL and the A320 he took back to IAD were both good, comfortable flights. He took another CRJ back to CMH.
My mom flew UAL on their CMH-DEN run on a 727-200 and a 737-300. She told me that both flights were very comfortable. She also flew UAL from ORD to CMH when AA cancelled her connection from MSY to CMH in ORD. She told me UAL did a gate change on her 3 times and the plane had to go back to the gate after departing. But she seemed to like the service on UAL better than AA.
I agree with Ual1636, the 727-200 looks stunning in the new UAL livery. I see it many times but never get tired of looking at it. It fits the aircraft perfectly.

Topic: To Purdue Cadet
Username: FlyCMH
Posted 1999-08-03 18:31:41 and read 2006 times.

Today United Airlines announced that they will introduce "aloha" service on mainland U.S. flights. The news release can be found in the Aviation News section of Just thought you might want to know.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: United946
Posted 1999-08-03 18:34:29 and read 2006 times.

I think an interesting UAL statistic, particularly when compared to the other two members of the "Big Three," DL and AA, is average aircraft age. Ours is 9.8 years, far lower than either airline.

Another thing that I, as a UAL employee, find interesting is a comment from passengers that has become more and more commonplace: "Why is UAL so terrible? When I flew Cathay Pacific/Thai/Singapore Airlines/Emirates the service was so much better. I don't argue with that. The service probably was a little better. But if we're going to compare two airlines, let's compare them all around. UAL has 580 aircraft. CX has 70. When you have 510 more aircraft, that's 510 more possibilities for a flight to go tech. When you have 9570 pilots as opposed to 250, you've got 9320 more possibilities for a pilot to call in sick, delaying a flight. When you've got 22,762 flight attendants as opposed to about 500, there are 22,262 more chances for an FA to be rude, to spill a drink on someone's lap, or to forget to bring a drink to a passenger.

If we made it so our service was exactly as good as CX, all you passengers would be complaining that our routes suck and we don't offer enough choices.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Mdsmith11
Posted 1999-08-04 09:27:28 and read 2007 times.

Like United 946, I am also a UAL Employee (MSY for me). Some of the complaints that I've heard and read in this forum can happen to any airline. We have a never-ending problem with Skycaps dropping off passengers luggage on the belt with less than 5 minutes before departure. I've stopped many an airplane in the middle of a push to accomodate these bags. UAL wasn't the ones who checked them in late, however UAL will get to revceive the blame and pay the $$'s. During the summer months, alot of the country is suspectable to thunderstorms creating delays and cancellations. Personally, I would not reccomend flying an airplane (no matter how sturdy) inside one of Mother Nature's violent stepchildren. Lastly, UAL is very proud of their safety record which speaks for itself. From day one all new-hire are preached safety. I take exception to some of these posts and I welcome any feedback for a particular event that during your travels.

Topic: Specially To United Employes!
Username: CV990
Posted 1999-08-04 10:42:27 and read 2008 times.

I found that some people in this forum work for United, well that's good to know because then you can really feel how us, the passengers that fly in United feel about. If we pay a ticket, we're helping United workers to keep going on and keep reniewing their fleet and all those good things that United people like to show. But also if we need to say that some other things don 't work, well you have to accept that and try to improve that in future, unless you don't really care about us, the clients of United, and that's a diferent story! About service as I said, United is average on that, well you can say that we have a lot of planes, people, routes, but if United is really willing to improve they'll do that, if they get better meal service perhaps people will fly even more with United. Now I as a portuguese fellow apreciatte a good meal during a flight, and I want to make this comparation:

I flew BA from Faro to London, 2:30 min. time - I got peanuts with 2 aperitifs on starts, then a full hot meal with table wine, coffee and digestifs in the end.

I flew United from Chicago to Denver, more or less the same time - I got a small United box with some sort of meat cake, another cake, and a soda.

Well United is a big airline, but BA is also a big airline with a young fleet everything like United, so whats the diference here? I think is passengers policy, they want to give the most great time to passenger, so they invest in everything, including food! That's why BA planes are always packed.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Flying_Swan
Posted 1999-08-04 20:11:17 and read 2006 times.

I flew with United Airlines
I had a Int. flight from Amsterdam inboud the States.

The service is great, and the crew is very friendly aboard there planes. They have good meal during the flight, and next time I come to the States I take United Airlines again.

Bye all.

Topic: RE: Let's Talk About United Airlines
Username: Dw
Posted 1999-08-05 01:52:46 and read 2008 times.

I, also, enjoy flying UA and think it's the best among the large-domestic carriers. I really don't think we can compare ANY large US airline to Asian and European airlines. Sure, BA may serve a meal or whatever on a 1 1/2 hour flight, but if US airlines did that you can bet that the airfares won't be as cheap as they are!

I also think a lot of travellers take it too personally when an airline employee is rude to them-- after all, one employee having a bad day is not at all representative of the airline as a whole. I recently had the opportunity to work customer service (I'm a college student on vacation), though not for an airline-- after that experience all I have to say is that I have suddenly gained lots of respect for people who interact with customers/passengers on a daily basis. Somedays, exhausted after a 10-hour shift, I really felt like losing it when I encountered a rude customer!

Topic: RE: To Purdue Cadet "Service W/ Aloha"
Username: Purdue Cadet
Posted 1999-08-05 05:30:40 and read 2008 times.

If you read the full article, the service with aloha is being extended not to flights within the mainland, but flights between Hawaii and all mainland markets. Apparently, service with aloha was only on some mainland-Hawaii flights before. The article does not give the impression that UA will be upgrading its service throughout the network, only to Hawaii.

Topic: RE: UAL
Username: Pilot1113
Posted 1999-08-05 06:51:40 and read 2011 times.

I happen to think that UAL is a great airline. It is 51% employee owned, unlike most other airlines. That means management can't do anything with out the employees approving it first. I think that there was a merger between Continental and UAL (or UAL and some other airline) but it didn't happen because the employees didn't like the idea. I just read about it in the paper.

About all those foreign airlines that you folks compare to UAL (IE: British Airways), remember that they are government owned. That means they can afford to have their aircraft sit and burn up fuel on the runway and give you all first class service in coach.

I highly resent any comments about the crew's professionalism. Have we all forgotten the crash of UAL232 in Sioux City, Iowa back in 1989?

I also want to thank most of you for bringing up these comments. However, instead of complaining here, why don't you send a letter via US mail to their company. A paper letter holds a lot of weight, although it doesn't seem it. That way they know where they messed up and I do believe they will try to rectify their mistake.

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